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In order to properly illuminate a large space such as a construction site and other areas, many people use a floodlight. This tool comes in different formats with specific features and uses. For my own part, I have opted for a portable battery powered LED floodlight for my construction work. It is a special tool with great properties that are all to the advantage of the user. In this article you will find all the information about the portable battery LED floodlight. Enjoy your reading.

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What is a portable battery powered LED floodlight?

A portable battery LED floodlight is a powerful piece of lighting equipment with a lithium or lead battery that you can use to move around. Thanks to its non-slip handle, transport becomes much easier. It is a type of outdoor LED spotlight also known as the "rechargeable LED spotlight". When it is delivered, it comes with a stand that makes it easy to place on the ground. I can use the battery-powered LED spotlight as a fixed spotlight. Yes, all you have to do is connect the power cord directly to a 220-volt power supply. 

The device discussed in this article has special properties. The portable LED spotlight has a voltage of 220-240 V AC, a power of 10 W and an output of 90 W. It is an energy class A tool with a light intensity of 700 lumens. It is an energy class A tool with a light intensity of 700 lumens. I have noticed that standard floodlights with halogen bulbs can be effectively replaced by the portable battery LED floodlight up to 90W. The latter has been CE & ROHS certified.

The different uses of the portable battery powered LED floodlight

Many users opt for the portable battery LED floodlight because it helps to have a very good lighting over the whole working area. It has a translucent diffuser. You can operate this device manually or with a control. I can make adjustments to the lighting height and intensity levels on my projector. It can be used during the day and at night in different places.

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At an exhibition stand

At a trade show, fair or simple exhibition, you can use the rechargeable LED spotlight to illuminate your stand. Simply place it on a sturdy stand to illuminate your entire area and get your stand and products noticed. Visitors come to discover this type of place out of curiosity and leave with the products that would have interested them.

On a night site

One of the tools you need for night work is a portable LED spotlight, as it serves as a back-up light. You will no longer have to worry about night work. Your workers can work on the construction site at night, because this spotlight solves the problem of poorly lit areas for good. The portable LED floodlight guarantees very good visibility parameters even in rainy weather. I also use it to illuminate machines that require a lot of concentration to operate.

On other spaces

The LED spotlight is used to define a space or to illuminate it in a warm way. For a show or a party, you simply need to install this outdoor spotlight to illuminate the whole stage. So, if you are used to organizing night parties, the LED spotlight is a good ally for you. It lights up and gives a good atmosphere to a well decorated garden or terrace. You create a special atmosphere if you choose this type of outdoor spotlight in addition to the light sources you are used to using. Create a walkway in your garden with ease by using this device.

It is possible to use the portable battery LED floodlight indoors. You can use it to light up shops, sports halls, hotels and many other places. In combination with other light sources, this projector is also used to highlight the decoration of a castle, a library, a museum or a larger space. 

Many benefits for users

There are several models of portable battery-powered LED floodlights available, some of which have a USB output. The advantages are therefore on various levels. The model I use has a 9000 Mah battery and a solar panel with several modes. An important feature of this device is its interesting mobility. It is very easy to handle and works thanks to the battery it is equipped with.

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Good resistance

The portable battery powered LED floodlight has been awarded the CE and ROHS certificates. The CE standard guarantees users a well-designed and therefore high quality product. And with the ROHS standard, you can be sure that the equipment is free of toxic substances such as mercury. I really liked the protective glass that the projector is equipped with; it acts as a barrier and allows it to resist knocks and bumps. This equipment is also dust-proof thanks to its IP65 protection. With this protection, the portable battery LED projector is protected against dust and water intrusion.

The battery of the portable LED floodlight has a good life. When you charge it properly, it can operate for 4 hours. A charging time of 4 hours is required for your projector to work properly. So you don't have to worry about using this device outdoors. I've been using it in my garage as a spotlight for quite some time and its durability has remained intact. The portable battery LED floodlight has a very long life span of around 30,000 hours.

Economical lighting equipment

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As well as giving you good quality lighting, the portable battery powered LED floodlight helps you to reduce energy consumption. I personally have managed to save on maintenance costs. The battery LED floodlight gives off almost no heat when it is in use. There is therefore no risk of accidents or burns for children or even adults.

Very good colour diversity

Add a special touch to your evening with the portable battery LED spotlight. Simply select the colour you like and you'll have a fantastic result. You can choose between cool white, black, green, red or yellow. You get 120° of lighting angle with this equipment; guide the light beam to get the illumination you want. The Brennenstuhl portable battery LED floodlight is suitable for camping.

Price range

Like various devices, the price of the portable battery LED floodlight varies according to the model. However, prices remain affordable despite all the features and benefits of this special product. For example, to afford a portable battery LED floodlight, you should expect to pay between 13 and 360 euros.

Overall opinion

The portable battery LED floodlight is the equipment that allows users to work safely at night. Shadowy areas or poorly lit parts of construction sites will no longer be a hindrance to workers thanks to this spotlight. I like the waterproofing, the precision of the lighting and the mobility of the device. It is available on several websites at very affordable prices. I do not regret the purchase of the portable battery LED projector, I take it everywhere without fear.

For your night activities, parties, construction sites and others, the portable battery LED floodlight is a great solution. With this tool, you don't have to worry about rain or accidents. Moreover, it is easy to handle. It is undoubtedly the right device to illuminate your workspace.

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