LED swimming pool light : swimming pool lighting at a low price

LED floodlights are increasingly being adopted as cost-effective equipment. There are different categories of this equipment. For example, we have the LED pool lights which are an ecological, aesthetic and above all economical solution. Investing in this type of equipment can provide many other benefits. If you want to know more about LED pool lights, read this article.

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What is an LED pool light?

The LED pool lights are made up in much the same way as a LED outdoor spotlight. In contrast to conventional bulbs, which are incandescent, LED pool lights have light-emitting diodes. These elements are powered by electric current.

This is equipment that you can install inside your pool, as it is underwater. It is also possible to put them on the sides of the pool to provide bottom lighting. If you don't want to put them in the pool, you can just put them in your garden or around the pool.

No matter where they are placed, they will always be able to project the necessary light to illuminate the desired space. The LED spotlight usually consists of a bulb placed in a niche. The bulb is often of various colours and has many designs.

Among the colours of this niche, you can find white which is the standard colour. Thanks to its variety of colours and designs, you can ensure a good aesthetic for your pool. LED floodlights work with all shapes of pools that exist. So you can install them on an above ground pool as well as on a wooden pool.

How does the LED pool light work?

The operation of the LED swimming pool floodlight is essentially based on its light emitting diodes. Each diode provides a low-powered light that can be, for example, between 40 and 80 W. However, the power of the projected light can be different depending on the model.

When the power of the bulb is low, it is better to install many bulbs in your pool to obtain good lighting. The spotlights installed inside the pool will be connected to each other and operated by means of a remote control which will be supplied to you after installation of the equipment.

How does the LED pool light work?

This remote control works in resonance with an electronic board connected to a mini transceiver that is inside the base of some LED lamps. As for the arrangement of the diodes on an LED spotlight, they are often placed in a mosaic. 

They are usually available in 3 different colours. The arrangement of the lamps allows for uniform lighting when the projector is switched on. In a LED pool floodlight you can find different categories of lamps like the simple lamp that works without a synchronization kit. With the help of a remote control, you can control the lighting of your pool.

How to install LED pool lights?

Before thinking about installing an LED floodlight in your pool, you should first think about where to put it. The type of floodlight you choose will determine the ideal location. You can choose between underwater and outdoor floodlights.

The first type can be installed inside the pool. The second type can be placed on your terrace and provide lighting for the pool from there. As for the exact location of the floodlights, there are the walls of the pool or its edges.

In order to achieve an aesthetic result when installing LED pool lights, it is necessary to plan their location from the time the pool is built. A small space in the pool can be reserved for the installation. Once you have planned the ideal location for your LED pool light, you can now plan a niche in the pool to put the lights in.

How to install LED pool lights?

After that, you must take certain precautions to ensure the correct placement of your floodlights. You should ensure that the floodlights are placed about 70 cm from the surface of the water. This will ensure that the light is neither too weak nor too strong.

Safety measures must also be taken when laying cables. The cables of the floodlights should not be laid in the passage. It is best to bury them if possible. However, make sure that they are not placed near a bedrock when you want to bury them.

To change the bulb in floodlights without lowering the water level, a substantial length of cable must be left between the floodlight and the power supply. If you find it difficult to do this yourself, you can call in professionals to help you.

What are the advantages of LED pool lights?

LED floodlights are not only distinguished by their strengths, but also by the advantages they offer to users.

What are the advantages of LED pool lights?

Energy-saving lamps

The first advantage of LED floodlights is economic. LED is a technology that costs less and consumes little electrical energy. It is because of its low consumption that it has been given an A rating. Opting for this type of projector will allow you to reduce the cost of your electrical energy consumption.

Still on the economic level, the installation of a LED pool light will not cost you much. You don't need to spend a lot of money on materials for its installation. With small cables, you can easily install this equipment.

A wide variety of colours available

In addition, you can choose between different colour categories with an LED pool light. So you have the possibility to illuminate your pool with white, blue, green, red, etc. With a remote control, you have full control of the whole device. The wide variety of colours available gives your pool a great aesthetic appeal and allows you to personalise it to your taste.

Durable and long-lasting lamps

LED swimming pool lights are very durable equipment. Those that can be installed inside the pool cannot be damaged by water. Each device is waterproof and water resistant. They are therefore similar to the LED spotlight which is much smaller, but also very waterproof.

This allows you to enjoy your LED pool light for a long time. In addition, it should be noted that LED bulbs are known to heat up less than incandescent bulbs. This also contributes to their longevity. LEDs have a life span of between 50,000 and 100,000 hours.

Total autonomy and control

Some models of LED pool lights are self-contained. They are equipped with motion detectors. These allow the lights to be activated by outdoor activities. This means that you do not need to use a manual control with this type of floodlight.

When it comes to controlling your equipment, you can choose the level of brightness. Depending on the time of year, you can opt for either an intimate atmosphere or an intense and optimal lighting of the pool. All this can be managed by a remote control device. Another advantage is that you can choose between a specific niche that is adapted to the lining of your pool. This gives you even more options in terms of aesthetics.

Price range

The price of LED pool lights depends mainly on their power. To obtain this equipment, you will need a budget of at least 200 euros. Other parameters such as the characteristics of the product can also influence its price. For example, the price of an LED floodlight with white light bulbs can be different from the price of an LED floodlight with RGB bulbs.

For projectors that have a remote control, you also need to budget a lot. However, you can find them for as little as €150 in some shops and get free delivery, regardless of the stock you buy. The brand name can also influence the price. At Index, for example, prices may be different from those found in other shops.

Overall opinion

If you want to light up your pool without spending too much money, choose the LED pool light. This equipment has interesting capabilities. It is economically and technically advantageous. You can easily install it by following safety guidelines. It is also a product that you can afford.

LED pool lights are very efficient equipment. They are used for lighting without consuming too much energy. It is therefore a very economical product. It has elements that facilitate its operation and its installation is done according to precise indications.

It is also a piece of equipment that is not only efficient, but also easy to use. Some models can be controlled remotely, using a remote control. As for the price of this product, it can vary depending on different elements.

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