Mini LED spotlight for recessed or fixed installation

Today, mini LED spotlights have become one of the trendiest and most functional lighting systems on the market. With a stunning design, these lights can be mounted or recessed in a ceiling, on a staircase or above a shelf. Like all LED lights, this model is also not very energy intensive. In addition, it does not heat up and is easy to handle. In our buying guide you will find all the key points to know when choosing a mini LED recessed light.

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Characteristics of the mini LED spotlights

Use of the mini LED spotlights

Inside, the indoor spotlight model  is gradually replacing energy-hungry halogen lighting. Mini floodlights consume very little energy, at 3 Watts per bulb.

They provide a long-lasting ambient light that will not overheat over time. Most of our equipment has a life of up to 50,000 hours. With this unparalleled capacity, the mini LED recessed spotlights are therefore in the most sought-after and highest performing energy classes.

And this new technology continues to progress, as you can now use it for outdoor lighting. Whether individually or in series, these spotlights can be placed on ceilings, shelves or on the risers of stairs. Some users adopt it to light up a shop window or to highlight objects being sold.

The mini LED spotlights can also be installed on a surface-mounted coat hook without having to dig a hole. They can be rotated 270° in both directions or fully rotated 360° with a light source mounted on a ball joint. This way, you can have light where you want it.

Common models of mini LED spotlights

In general, there are several types of mini LED spotlights available in the shops. Most of them have a diameter or side of 5 and 6 cm, a depth of 4 cm and a recessed diameter of about 4 cm.

mini recessed LED spotlight

-The classic versions are great for decoration, but they are not necessarily very powerful.

-SMD spotlights are more powerful than the previous version. They provide functional lighting and replace a halogen system.

-High-power LEDs are more efficient than SMDs. However, the angle of illumination is rather small.

-COB LEDs with microdiodes provide a single point of very intense light emission.

-Mini LED spotlights, on the other hand, produce around 300 lumens. This value corresponds to a conventional 30 watt bulb.

As far as finishes are concerned, the mini LED spotlights have different designs, namely: chrome-plated metal, silver, black, white lacquer, silver, satin, etc. Like the LED spotlights, the light beam offers different shades of white: natural, cool, warm, neutral, which are available in various colours.

A set of mini spotlights is therefore the recommended accessory to change the atmosphere according to your desires: green, blue, red, yellow, etc.

Why install mini LED spotlights in the home?

Small recessed spotlights are often placed in tight spaces or where the false ceiling offers little space for normal recessed spots. This is one of the main reasons why users buy them. Contrary to popular belief, mini recessed spotlights provide sufficient light despite their small size.

This model of spotlight does not require any drilling and offers an elegant and practical appearance compared to large recessed spots. In other ways you can conceal your lighting without affecting the entire ceiling. In most situations, small spotlights are placed in a place where discreet lighting is needed, such as in the bathroom.

If you place a few small lights here and there, you get a muted atmosphere when you relax in the bath. It's like being under a starlit sky. However, this effect is not just for the shower room. You can install mini recessed spotlights in the hallway or in the bedroom.

The power of a mini LED spotlight

We consider a good quality 550 lumen spotlight to be equivalent to a 50W halogen bulb. However, in order to consume less energy, we recommend choosing models below this power. It should be borne in mind that the brightness of LED bulbs tends to decrease over time. 

What criteria should you look for when buying a small LED spotlight?

Outdoor recessed LED spotlight

Before buying the right LED lamp model, it is important that you first know the power of your current bulb. The colour of the light is also very important. Remember that the colour temperature is expressed in Kelvin (K).

Very Warm White: 2700 K

Used to create a warm atmosphere in the living room, lounge or bedroom.

Warm white: 3000 K

Allows you to highlight a product in a shop. This model is perfect for highlighting works of art in museums.

Cool white: 4000 K

This colour of light is famous for making people more productive. That's why it is recommended for schools, offices and industrial premises.

Daylight: 6500 K

As the name suggests, this colour looks like daylight. It is the whitest colour there is. Hospitals and laboratories benefit from it.

Knowing the opening angle of the spots

After understanding these steps, it is time to talk about the lighting angle of your spotlights. This element has a great influence on the feel of the light as well as the decoration of the room in question. But you have to differentiate between low-angle LED spots between 30° and 60° and wide-angle LED spots between 90° and 280°. The second option characterises LED tiles that are not adjustable. 

In the first case, however, the smaller angle generates more light on a smaller surface. If the angle is small, the light beam is also narrow, and vice versa. If you want to highlight a piece of art, you should use a wider beam to achieve an overall illumination. Choose a mini LED spotlight of 24 to 40°. However, you will need spotlights with enough lumens to have a pale, cool white light effect.

Number of mini LED spots to be installed per m2

We recommend between 150 and 400 lux to adequately light a room. Of course, there are standards that clearly define the brightness to be obtained in each type of room: 150 lux for a corridor, 250 lux for a bedroom, etc.

However, we don't have to follow all these guidelines to the letter to live comfortably throughout the house. Instead of choosing a 150 lux lamp to light the hallway, choose a more powerful bulb. Even if the space is small, it should have enough light.

Model of LED Spotlight for installation

In this case, 250 to 300 lux is more than sufficient and pleasant to illuminate your hallway. For reading and kitchen worktops, 400 lux is sufficient. But it is better to reach this level by adding additional light sources instead of using all the spotlights on the ceiling.

To achieve even lighting in the living room, install mini spotlights generating at least 300 lux per m2. As a result, you will get a warm white light. This is the ideal light for a warm atmosphere. If you want a more relaxed atmosphere, add more spotlights. For a subdued atmosphere, choose 150 to 200 lux per m2.

How to install the mini LED spotlights?

You do not have to arrange your spots in a straight line. This layout is similar to airport lobbies and hospitals. The first thing to do is to ensure that there is no rigid grid at ceiling level. To make the lighting more dynamic, create zones that are distributed according to the layout of the room in question.

For the living room, draw a rectangle of spots above the dining table, then another above the lounge area and a third above where you place the TV. This arrangement marks these spaces very well.

You can also line up a row of mini LED spotlights on the circulation areas of the room: in front of your chairs or sofa instead of behind or over them. This way, you get even lighting throughout the room. If it's a small space like the kitchen, put your spotlights above the furniture. You'll have more light when you're preparing your meals.

Useful tips when installing the LED spotlight

It is important to remember that mini spotlights should not cause glare or shadows. The installation of recessed spotlights, even if they are small, requires space to hide all the power wires. Usually, these wires are placed in the false ceiling. In order to fulfil its role, this space should have about 4 cm between the two walls.

There are some models of mini spotlights that are compatible with a 220 volt power supply. In this case, the installation will be very easy, just place the bulbs and connect them to the mains. Similarly, some devices work with a 12-volt supply. If this situation arises, it will be necessary to install it with a transformer or a switching power supply.

Mini recessed LED spotlight

This device is necessary to avoid damage to the entire lighting system. Fortunately, there are LED spotlight installation kits that already contain a transformer and specific sockets. The use of a transformer is essential for lighting the bathroom so that the installation work complies with current standards (NFC-15-100 standard),

How do I change the bulb in a mini recessed spotlight?

Equipment and safety first

When connected to 220-230V, the LED bulb on recessed lights is usually GU10 or GU5.3 when installed via a transformer. So remember to buy a new bulb suitable for your mini spotlight to replace the damaged one.

Afterwards, switch off the electricity in the house to avoid being electrocuted. If in doubt, do not hesitate to check with a VAT (Voltage Absence Verifier) that the current is cut off.

Changing an LED bulb

Even if you are a beginner in DIY, replacing an LED bulb is a very easy thing to do as long as you follow the following steps:

  • The bulb is held in place with a metal band. Both ends of the strap must be tightened to release it. Put the strap aside. The bulb should automatically release.
  • Pull the lamp gently down to reveal the base.
  • Remove it by unscrewing a quarter turn for a GU10. For a GU5.3 bulb, it must be removed slightly from its housing.
  • Take the new bulb and install it in the same way as the damaged bulb
  • Slide the assembly into the recessed spotlight, hold the bulb with your fingers and reattach the strapping.
  • That's it! Turn the power back on and see your work.


Mini recessed spotlights provide concealed and elegant lighting. By choosing this equipment, you do not risk taking up a lot of space. As you can see, these devices can be placed almost anywhere: living room, bathroom, bedroom. Either way, you get beautifully hidden lighting with our mini LED recessed spotlights.

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