Cheap indoor LED spotlight

The current trend towards decorative lighting focuses on the fourth dimension of design. It focuses on finding a balance between functionality and motivation. This trend is a welcome reflection on technological innovation and how new products address environmental concerns.

For private individuals, the choice to use LED lighting accessories allows for magnification of light without emitting heat or infrared radiation. Moreover, thanks to their different designs, they can be easily installed anywhere.

This buying guide is for you if you want to install these types of lights in your home in the near future. Choosing the right one LED spotlight to complete the decor of your home is, after all, a difficult task.

The 5 best cheap LED spotlights for indoor use in 2023

The different varieties of LED spotlights for indoor use

LED spotlights are available in a variety of forms, including recessed, ceiling or swivel, wall-mounted or fixed, track or cable mounted, and line-free. You can make your choice according to your preferences and financial constraints.

Built-in, adjustable or fixed: which one to choose?

I'll summarise the key points below, including benefits, features, options and examples of budget brands and models that are trending.

Recessed LED spotlights 

The fact that there are several models available is one of the main advantages of built-in locations. Apart from that, this model has a distinct aesthetic, visually pleasing and, above all, modern appearance. You can choose between stainless steel, aluminium or glass models, depending on the style of your decor. It is also space-saving and multifunctional.

Here is a list of some of the cheaper brands.

Recessed spotlight. Priced at less than 25€, the model is made of white metal

The set includes 10 recessed sets with an outer diameter of 89 mm. You can use LED lamps, halogen lamps or all lamps with GU10 sockets. The 230v LED recessed spotlights can be installed on the ceiling, wall or stairwell of any room and are directly connected without the use of a transformer. The spotlight can be tilted up to 30 degrees, allowing you to direct the light in the room specifically to one area or another.

Cheap recessed LED spotlights
A stretch ceiling with LED lighting, spotlights on the perimeter.

LED recessed spotlight extra flat. Prices range from 28€ to 35€. A diameter of 105mm and a recess depth of 33mm. The material is aluminium, offers good heat dissipation and is not likely to have any light loss problems. This type of spotlight does not require a transformer, but is powered directly by 230V and has a life expectancy of 25,000 hours.

Adjustable LED spotlights 

For example, the round ultra-slim adjustable recessed spotlight model, which costs from €29. Its consumption is equivalent to 50W halogen bulbs. You can save up to 90% in electricity costs compared to traditional lamps. There is no need for a transformer, as LED ceiling lights connect directly to 230V, are not adjustable and do not flicker. The direction of the light can be adjusted, resulting in a wide rotation angle of 40 degrees and a beam angle of 120 degrees.

LED wall light

The wall mounted spotlight is known for its ease of use and wide range of options, and its installation is easy. Not to mention the fact that it has precise lighting. As it has only one light source, the fixed LED spotlight provides very precise accent lighting. This feature of the equipment is designed to enhance the object being illuminated.

Here are 2 price ranges:

From 14€ à 20€ You can have a spotlight that is compatible with all E14 bulbs up to 40 W. These models can also be used with a low wattage LED bulb.

This wall slot is available in a variety of colour combinations.

Metal, black&matt gold / Metal, mint&white: ideal for the bedroom or living room

Metal, white / Metal, satin&white : for dining room, hallway, living room or bedroom

LED spotlight for less than 10€. This variety is made of silver-coloured metal. It has a power of 5 watts, operates on 230V and is neutral white in colour.

Furthermore, it should be borne in mind that each indoor LED spotlight must be perfectly compatible with the room in which it is installed.

Cheap LED ceiling spotlight
Decorative ceiling with lighting in the bedroom

1 .The best powerful LED spotlights for indoor use

There are several models on the market, but the most popular is the 6-spot adjustable ceiling model. This model is recommended as being the powerful LED spotlight for indoor use.

This product would offer the best value for money, thanks to its low installation height.

The integrated 5 watt LED panels offer an exceptional light output of 400 lumens per point and emit a beautiful warm white light of 3000 Kelvin, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in your living spaces.

LED technology guarantees energy savings of up to 80 % compared to a halogen lamp, as well as a lifetime of 20,000 hours.

2. Range of classic or connected recessed LED spotlights

It is important to distinguish between these two types of built-in zones. The decision to choose a classic or connected LED spotlight is based on the location of the product and its usefulness in your home. And, of course, the agreed budget for the purchase should not be overlooked.

The classic recessed spotlight is practical, aesthetic and often undetectable. It can be easily integrated into a ceiling or a piece of furniture. It helps to improve the lighting atmosphere in a room. And there are many options, such as round adjustable spotlights, tiltable spotlights, wall or ceiling models, and ultra-flat spotlights for the ceiling.

About the connected recessed spotlights, they can be easily installed on the ceiling of any room or on your furniture. They work via Wi-Fi. You can change the colour temperature of your connected lighting with a remote control or directly from your smartphone, whether it is RGB or RGBW. They come in different shapes, including a round LED spotlight and an oval format.

3. Selection of LED ceiling spots for living room, bathroom or kitchen

White LED spotlights of the warm white 2,700 K or 4,600 K neutral white type are always preferable if you plan to buy LED spotlight for the ceiling of your living room, bathroom or kitchen. If you want to use spotlights to illuminate a table, it is best to use a visible LED spotlight to direct the beam of light towards the object you want to highlight.

Some models that are very practical:

  • Recessed LED ceiling spotlight with 6 pack of GU10 bulbs (living room)
  • LED ceiling light 6 spots (living room, bathroom)
  • LED CEILING, 3 adjustable spots (kitchen)
Cheap indoor bathroom LED spotlight

4. LED ceiling spot model

The type of recessed LED spotlight can influence the choice of location (rail or recessed).

Which spotlights should I choose for a ceiling: recessed or track?

The main advantage of track or cable spotlights is that they are compatible with all kinds of ceilings, whereas recessed spotlights only need to be installed in a false ceiling. In the case of a false ceiling with thermal insulation, it is necessary to create a free space that can be used to reduce the temperature rise during use. You should also consider installing a transformer for your 12V recessed lights when installing the ceiling light.

Some models that are very practical:

  • Recessed square LED spotlight
  • Extra flat LED spotlight (recessed)
  • 13W LED spotlight, it is a model of track lighting
  • 30W LED spotlight for three-phase rail
  • Halogen recessed floor light, 30 W, diameter 16 cm

5. Extra flat recessed LED spotlights

Do you like a subtle and elegant ceiling light? Opt for the extra-flat LED spotlights. They are quite slim and compact, and can easily be installed on the ceiling of your living room, kitchen, shop or office.

Choose a recessed ceiling location with a white or aluminium finish to match your interior design. Enjoy effective lighting, even in tight spaces.

You can choose between the following examples of models:

  • Extra flat aluminium LED spotlight (with 18W power)
  • Extra Flat Round Recessed LED Spotlight (18W)
  • Square LED spotlight, extra flat, white (24W)
Cheap indoor LED spotlight

6. Bathroom spotlights

The bathroom is a relaxing environment in which to spend time. Installing LED lights to promote well-being will help create a pleasant and reassuring atmosphere in this area. You can opt for spotlights with quality bathroom lighting. Two options may be suitable for you:

LED bathroom ceiling light 3 spots

This model is a high-performance bathroom ceiling light that will add a touch of colour and dimension to your bathroom. The lighting in your bathroom will be well balanced thanks to its three spotlights that can be directed in all directions.

This product is equipped with three G10 3 W 250 lumen bulbs with IP44 protection, which are certified by the German GS and TÜV SÜD labels. These lamps have an average life of 20,000 hours, which is well above average.

A modern LED ceiling light design

For example, there is a model with a length of 54.5 cm, a width of 12 cm, and a height of 7 cm. Its lightness comes mainly from its structure, which is mainly made of aluminium and plastic.

This light is simple to install and is fitted like a traditional light bulb. It will be difficult to find a better design.

This light, which is equipped with two 450 lumen LEDs, will illuminate your bathroom. In addition, they provide a white colour of approximately 3000 Kelvin.

7. Mini LED spotlights for recessed or fixed installation

Depending on your needs, the mini LED spotlights can be cast into a ceiling, stairwell, shelf, or installed in a projection without the need for a hole. They heat up slowly, which makes them easy to handle, and once they are adjustable, it is simple to direct the fog where you want it. There are several models on the market, such as :

  • The square LED mini spotlight for recessed installation
  • Mini round recessed LED spotlight warm white
  • Mini square LED recessed spotlight
  • Mini LED spotlight with straight beam
  • Mini LED ball spotlight
Cheap indoor LED spotlight 2

8 .Adjustable LED spotlights

The main advantage of a adjustable LED spotlight is its great discretion. When installed at ceiling level, your visitors will not notice it. But it also creates extraordinary atmospheres with impressive diversity. This device will allow you to customise your lighting according to the area or objects you wish to highlight. You can choose between square and round locations.

Why choose these models?

For a functional lighting system, you can use adjustable recessed spots. Recessed spotlights are ideal when you need a lot of light but do not have enough space for a lamp.

Here are a few examples of models. Please note that the price and other details of the product you choose may vary depending on its size and colour.

  • LED spotlight extra flat 10W white, black colour dimmable, without the use of a transformer:
  • LED recessed bathroom spotlight IP44 5W
  • 5W recessed LED spotlight, 55mm hole diameter
  • Black recessed spotlight with a diameter of 110mm

In addition, there are latest generation built-in models with a classic design. They can also be equipped with a white temperature diffuser. These types of spotlights, with a 50° adjustable reflector, are extremely versatile and can be used in many different contexts.
They are made of high quality stainless steel plastic and are available in white and nickel-plated finishes.
They are simple to install, with a transformerless unit that connects directly to 230 V. This allows for natural lighting. This makes it possible to naturally illuminate a large area while meeting all requirements.

9. Extra flat spotlights

When installing a spotlight in a false ceiling, there is sometimes a problem: the height under the ceiling is quite low, and traditional spotlights cannot be placed. However, there is a solution in the form of an extra-flat LED spotlight. Knowing that you can find of extra flat LED spotlights at very good rates.

Extra-flat recessed spotlights for shallow recessing depths can easily be included in false ceilings, shelf cabinets, or to light the dressing room.

  • Small white or black LED spotlight at 3W, you can find a 30mm saw model
  • 18W LED flat spotlight, which does not need a transformer

LED spotlights for the kitchen

Cheap indoor kitchen LED spotlight

For the kitchenIn order to achieve this, it is recommended that the room has direct general lighting. Recessed LED spotlights increase the number of light sources while limiting the size of shadows. A number of zones contribute to the warm atmosphere of the room. A warm white light of 500 to 800 lumens/m2 provides sufficient illumination. But what type of light should you choose for the cooking area?

You can install an LED ribbon or recessed LED behind your storage units at a height that allows for proper lighting of the cooking area.


When it comes to indoor LED spotlights for decorative purposes, there are a variety of options for lighting and decorating your home. You can create a decorative atmosphere for your home with this type of accessory. Due to their exceptional brightness and low energy consumption, LED spotlights have become the ideal alternative for some professionals to achieve a lighting effect.

There are many tips and recommendations available to help you choose the best model. Therefore, if you are buying online, the angle of illumination, the temperature of the light emitted and the light output are all important factors to take into account before finalising your order and confirming delivery.


I have been working in the lighting industry for 9 years and my speciality is LED floodlights. Whether it's for indoor or outdoor use, LEDs have nothing but benefits in terms of efficiency and energy consumption. On my website you will find the best LED lighting in all areas.

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