Best 2024 LED spotlights: review and comparison

In recent years, the lighting sector has undergone considerable change. With LED technology, lighting has taken on a whole new dimension and has opened up a wide range of new possibilities.

Today, interiors lit by conventional incandescent lighting are increasingly difficult to find. These are now being replaced by LED spotlights, which are constantly changing things for several reasons.

Making the right choice is not always easy as there are many LED spotlights on the market. That's why in this guide, I'm going to outline the features of LED spotlights that you should consider when looking for the best option for you.

The best LED spotlights of 2024

What is an LED spotlight?

LED spotlights are part of LED most common indoor spotlight. They are usually small, ceiling-mounted spotlights that send out a bright, narrow beam of light and can perfectly illuminate even very distant objects. LED lamps have many advantages.

They look and work exactly the same as conventional incandescent or halogen bulbs, but thanks to new technologies they are more efficient and energy saving, more cost effective and more environmentally friendly.

Some people might consider the fact that they cost more than their more conventional counterparts as a disadvantage. However, the overall savings are substantial when you consider that an LED bulb lasts 20 to 50 times longer and that converting to LED lighting can help you save up to 90 % on your energy costs.

Why choose a LED spotlight?

For indoor and outdoor lighting, LED spotlights offer an alternative to light bulbs. They emit LED light through a hole in the ceiling. They are preferred to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs because they consume less energy, generate less heat and emit more light.

Why choose an LED spotlight?

They are now used in homes, although they are usually installed in shops, hotels, restaurants, bars or workplaces. If you want to create chic and fashionable lighting, simply install them in your living room, kitchen and other rooms.

For example, installing recessed LED spotlights in your living room gives your interior a modern touch. This type of lighting differs considerably from a traditional ceiling or pendant light. Not only do LED spotlights improve the interior design of your home, but they also enhance the charm of any room.

You can instantly increase the charm factor of any room by investing in these LED lights! There are many colours and beam angles for the LED bulb indoors.

LED spotlights for outdoor use

For lighting outdoor areas such as gardens, pavements, driveways or swimming pools, LED outdoor spotlights are the best option. Thanks to the superior quality of the light produced, an outdoor LED spotlight guarantees energy savings and good performance. Functional and aesthetic, they add to the design of the exterior and the safety of the rooms at night.

With the use of outdoor LED spotlights, it is possible to create suggestive light paths, to mark the edge of a swimming pool, to indicate the presence of steps in a garden and to decorate protruding façade frame ornaments. But to do this, it is important to choose your lighting carefully.

If you have a home with a modern design, outdoor LED spotlights in stainless steel, brushed aluminium, clear glass and polycarbonate are ideal. Their ideal placement is wherever you need to light up paths for safe passage and create a well-lit, comfortable and charming environment even at night.

LED spotlights for outdoor use

Features and benefits of outdoor LED spotlights

Outdoor LED bulbs have many advantages. First of all, they are extremely energy efficient, have a long life, are very functional, produce high quality light and are quite compact compared to garden lighting models.

Outdoor LED spotlights serve both functional and decorative purposes. Indeed, they allow both to decorate nicely and to ensure the conviviality of outdoor spaces, even in the evening and at night. In order to choose the right model for your use, it is important to choose an appropriate level of protection.

The outdoor lighting model in stainless steel, brushed aluminium, clear glass and polycarbonate is perfect for the needs of covered areas, such as in a modern house. Their ideal position is wherever you need to illuminate pathways for safety and to create a well-lit, comfortable and charming atmosphere even at night.

Indoor LED spotlights

For lighting interior spaces, nothing better than an LED spotlight for indoor use. Thanks to their unobtrusive design, indoor LED spotlights can be easily integrated into any residential or commercial environment and can be adapted to both traditional and contemporary styles. Moreover, when carefully placed, they have the ability to create incredibly evocative lighting effects.

An indoor LED spotlight is a useful and cutting-edge way to light up interiors, and thanks to its adaptable design, it works well in any setting. This type of fixture meets specific lighting needs.

This is because its lighting allows the beam of light to be focused on particular areas, which enhances the room and highlights certain furniture, objects or features. For tight spaces, these indoor LED lights are made of heat-resistant materials and are compact in size.

Indoor LED spotlights

If you are looking for new ideas to beautify your homes, the indoor LED spotlight offers a very attractive design. Not only are they simple to install, but their sleek shapes seem to create more space. What LED spotlights bring out is the benefits of light in all its beauty and utility.

The indoor spotlight can be included in a variety of walls in your home. However, before making a purchase, you need to decide what qualities of a specific indoor LED spotlight will be useful to you.

What are their advantages?

The main advantage of these LED spotlights is their adaptability. They come in a variety of styles to suit your taste and price range. Below are some of the benefits of LED spotlights for both consumers and lighting installers:

Efficient and cheaper lighting

Spotlights are accessible to all budgets and are particularly affordable and effective for lighting a house, garage or commercial premises. Because of their low price, you can even increase the number of spotlights in your home. It is also an excellent option for warming and softening the atmosphere in your room.

In addition to these functions to be illuminated, you can also highlight a work of art to be illuminated, a decorative object to be displayed, etc. As for spotlights, they can also be positioned in important parts of your home, such as a poorly lit corner, a constrained corridor, a staircase, etc.

Economical and safe

LED lighting is a more cost-effective option and lasts longer. In fact, by producing the same amount of light as conventional lighting, these devices use less energy. With LED spotlights, you can save a lot of electricity without spending a lot of money.

LED Spotlight: What about its advantages?

Due to the use of light emitting diodes, the energy consumption is lower than that of others. This remarkable energy efficiency of LEDs is the result of their minimal heat production. With a temperature of 35°C, LED spotlights produce very little heat. There is therefore no risk of burning yourself during installation.

Less aggressive for the environment

The choice of LED spotlights is now considered environmentally friendly, as they reduce CO2 production. Not only do LED spotlights brighten up your daily life, they also reduce the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. By consuming less energy, LED spotlights reduce the need for fossil fuels. This preserves the environmental impact while saving electricity through the use of LED lighting.

Because of its longer life, it produces less waste. In addition, LED bulbs do not contain mercury or harmful gases, even when they are rendered useless. And because they are made from recyclable materials, they do not generate much heat. By replacing broken LED spotlights, you can even reduce waste.

Environmentally friendly, sustainable and safe lighting

Spotlights dominate all other categories in terms of endurance. Especially if you choose LED spotlights. Thanks to their long service life (20,000 hours on average), you can almost forget about installing new lighting!

In general, they are a low cost lighting solution. On the other hand, their life span is unmatched and much longer than that of other lighting compared to the standard bulb. It can operate for up to 30,000 to 40,000 hours or even several years. This is equivalent to three hours of use per day for almost twenty years.

So, compared to conventional lighting, LED spotlights can have a life span ten times longer. If you have to buy and replace spotlights less often, it's because of the long life of LED light sources. In the long run, you will waste less and spend less on maintenance.

LED Spotlight: What about its advantages?

Buying LED spotlights is now a financially sound decision. As long as they are of good quality and all your circuits work perfectly, they do not need to be changed frequently. In addition, the quality of the light and the life of the luminaire are not affected by how often you turn it on and off.

Stylish and elegant light

Depending on the decorative effect you wish to achieve in your home, the spotlight is infinitely customisable and can be round, square, with or without edge, fixed or directed. The warmth of the colour must also be taken into account. For a cosy atmosphere in the living room or bedroom, you can choose a warm white for example.

For workshops or workplaces, cool white is best. If you want to adjust the brightness according to the environment or the time of day, consider using the dimmer. You can also choose the spotlight model that best suits your needs and your interior design from a wide selection of spotlight models.

Universal placement

The LED spotlight is a versatile lighting option that works in a variety of rooms. It is also available in a variety of power levels, colours and tilt angles and can be installed throughout your home.

These fixtures can be used for interior lighting in areas that need a lot of light, such as living rooms, dining rooms and possibly kitchens. For example, you can install it in your bathroom to produce a beam of light at the mirror.

Using LED spotlights for colourful outdoor lighting is another intriguing idea. There is an additional flat recessed spotlight model, the circular spotlight, which is available if you don't want to install or replace spotlights. It also works well for lighting a large room.

LED Spotlight: What about its advantages?

Several versions are available, such as tiltable and adjustable lighting, to add individuality to your space. You can either hide it in the parquet floor of a terrace or in the risers, or illuminate an uncomfortable area.

What types of LED spotlights are there?

The LED spotlight is suitable for use at home, at work or in recreational environments (restaurants, nightclubs, etc.). There are many models to choose from, including track lights, wire lights, floor lights, ceiling lights and recessed LED spotlights.

One of the main advantages of RGB and RGB LED spotlights is the variety of colours they can offer. In terms of technology, there are three options available:

Classic LED spotlight

The traditional spotlight, also known as a DIP (Dual In-Line Package), has several tiny light-emitting diodes mounted next to each other. Due to its low power and unidirectional light beam, it is mainly used as decorative lighting.

Therefore, this type of spotlight is particularly well suited to illuminating furniture or highlighting decorative elements. It can also be used for soft lighting.

Led SMD Spotlight

LED Spot SMDs (out Surface Mounting Devices) are characterised by their extremely thin components that are soldered outside the electronic circuits. This model, also known as SMD 2835 or SMD 5050, offers more power than conventional LEDs and can even compete with conventional halogens.

In addition, you can save up to 60 % of energy. It also offers a light beam that is diffuse, which is an advantage. As a ceiling or wall light, it is therefore not suitable for the main lighting of a living room, but it can be used as accent lighting.

High Power Led Spotlight

SMD technology and optical lenses are combined in high power LED spotlights to maximise the amount of light the LED bulb emits. It gives high light intensity and even higher efficiency when presented as tiny yellow dots.

What types of LED spotlights are there?

Due to their power, high power spotlights also produce more heat than conventional LED spotlights. In addition, it should be noted that the light beam offered by this model of LED spotlight is rather tiny. It is therefore recommended to use it for directional lighting.

Led COB Spotlight

The COB (Chip on Board) LED floodlight is the latest development in practical lighting and consists of several microdiodes arranged in a single emission point. This device uses a relatively small amount of energy but is exceptionally efficient. It emits a bright light.

In addition, thanks to the shape of the bulb, it offers a different lighting angle. Both indoors and outdoors, the COB LED spotlight has a wide range of applications.

How to use a LED spotlight?

To make your home more modern, I strongly recommend choosing an LED spotlight. With LED spotlights, you have a variety of lighting that you can arrange as you wish, which makes them ideal for developing a comfortable lifestyle.

The attractiveness of a classic house is enhanced by the lighting, which is evenly distributed in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and even outside. However, knowing how to install and maintain it is crucial.

Prioritise safety by ensuring insulation

To reduce the risk of accidents, it is essential to remember that any installation must comply with the relevant regulations. Ceilings must be protected from the constant heat generated by the appliance by insulating materials. This applies in particular to built-in models. Before choosing an insulating box or other device, consider the material of your ceiling.

Installation of an LED spotlight in a bathroom

In contrast to conventional LED spotlights, the models intended for installation in bathrooms or spaces such as laundry rooms are different. Some technical aspects are limited due to the constant humidity in the room. For example, 12 V lighting is allowed above the shower or bathtub.

How to use a LED spotlight?

However, the safety transformer for the shower's spotlight should be placed 60 cm away. To ensure that the electrical system works properly, contact a professional.

Calculation of the brightness level

Lumen is a unit used to describe the type and number of light beams required for lighting. To illuminate a space evenly, a lamp with an output of 300 lumens per square foot should be used. This is appropriate for a living room or kitchen. However, if it is a bedroom, 200 lumens per square metre is more than sufficient for the entire space.

Location of LED spotlights

Before fixing the luminaires, determine the spacing between them. You should decide in advance where additional lighting is required. When drilling the ceiling, take into account the opening angles of the LED spots and the light output of the configuration. Note that you should not drill holes; if necessary, use a pencil and a square. Make sure your locations are not scattered over the surface.

Alternating temperatures

In order to create a pleasant atmosphere in the rooms of the house, warm or cool colours should be chosen. The best solution is to place LED spotlights in warm colours in comfortable spaces such as the living room and bedroom. For spaces such as the workplace or workshop, cool lighting is preferable. You can also use the directionality of the luminaire to highlight a particular area and accentuate the brightness.

Cleaning LED spotlights

To dust the spotlight, use a feather duster and a slightly damp microfibre cloth. Carefully remove the lens cover, then use the same cloth to gently wipe the lenses and hubcap. Don't be afraid to rub the hub cap to remove any dirt. Rinse it after soaking it for a while in soapy water.

What are the criteria for choosing your spotlight?

As you are familiar with the majority of LED spotlight models, knowing that the different factors will influence your decision process is also more than important.

What are the criteria for choosing your LED spotlight?

The light output of the spotlight

The first thing to consider is the power of your LED spotlight. This voltage is measured in volts and reflects the strength of the electric current flowing through a certain instrument. As you can see, LED spotlights are available in a variety of voltages.

So you can choose between spotlights that are directly connected to the mains (220V) and low voltage spotlights (12V). The latter are mainly used for outdoor lighting and can be combined to create a nice decoration. The latter work best as ceiling lights.

Colour temperature

There is a noticeable variation in the colour temperature of the light between LED and halogen spotlights. With LED spotlights, it is possible to customise the colour temperature to create the exact ambience you want for your home.

You should know that colour temperature can be divided into three categories: cool, neutral and warm. It is measured in Kelvins (K). You should know that colour temperature can be divided into three categories: cool, neutral and warm. It is measured in Kelvins (K).

This number indicates how cold the light is and the most average value. If you are buying LED lighting for the first time, it is best to start with 3000 K LED spots.

The basic material of the spotlight

For reasons of aesthetics and durability, it is crucial to design lighting fixtures made of high quality material. Many companies offer stainless steel, copper and brushed aluminium spotlights to meet all requirements.

What are the criteria for choosing your LED spotlight?

Protection indicator

CRI is an indicator that ranges from 0 to 100 and quantifies the accuracy of an object's colours and details in light. And when you buy your product, make sure this information is included in the product specifications.

Mode of installation

For spotlights, there are different installation techniques. The best option for people who want a discreet equipment is a recessed model. For outdoor use, you can choose a spotlight instead of a solar spike. Finally, to create a unique decoration, a creative idea is to arrange several models.

Power and brightness

The power and brightness of an LED light is probably its most crucial feature. As it is known that a 60 watt incandescent bulb produces more light than a 40 watt bulb, it is normal to think in terms of watts.

However, it should be borne in mind that with watts, the amount of energy measured is that which enters the system rather than that which leaves it. This is also true for brightness, where watts are no longer a useful unit of measurement.

But what really counts is the amount of light generated, which is measured in lumens, not the level of brightness (lm). For everyday household use, it is sufficient to choose a bulb with a light value of between 400 and 800 lm.

The direction of the light

The choice of your spotlight is mainly based on the ease with which it can project light. Indeed, by using a directional LED spotlight or an adjustable LED spotlight, you can select the object you wish to highlight with the light projection.

What are the criteria for choosing your LED spotlight?

In the case of traditionally used recessed spots, their lighting is less directional and more diffuse. So using a directional spot as the main light and a fixed spot as an accent light can be fascinating.

Place of installation

LED spotlights depend on where they will be installed. For example, for a shop, it is best to use a bright and adaptable LED track light. For a living room, it is better to opt for a subtle and warm LED spotlight installed on the ceiling in black or white.

Finally, for a kitchen or bathroom, the waterproofing of a spotlight will be preferred. It is therefore important to choose your LED spotlight model according to the application for which it is intended.


When it comes to buying a custom LED spotlight, quality is one of the most important things to consider. Despite the fact that LEDs have a long life and can operate for up to 50,000 hours, you should only buy spotlights with as long a guarantee as possible. After all, any equipment is susceptible to malfunction.

In addition to the above, before choosing affordable LED spotlights, I advise you to carefully check other aspects, such as IP rating, dimming capability, build quality, beam angle, etc.

What angle to choose for a LED spotlight?

In general, two types of angles exist, which are grouped into three families.

  • An angle of 10 to 25 degrees: this angle is used to precisely orientate an object or to direct the emitted light beam towards a given direction
  • An angle of 36 to 40 degrees: this is the most popular angle for recessed spotlights installed in a space with a ceiling height of 2.5 metres. This angle makes the LED spotlight appear less bright
  • An angle of 80 to 120 degrees: This angle provides a very wide beam of light and is comparable to the light diffusion of a conventional bulb

Price range Led Spot

Now you have the knowledge to choose the ideal LED spotlight. But before we go any further, it is important to talk about the average cost of an LED spotlight, as this should be one of the selection factors.

Price range Led Spot

Indeed, the final cost of a spotlight is strongly influenced by its material. For example, because of its higher strength, copper will always be more expensive than plastic.

The same applies to the characteristics of the model. Since it offers a wider angle of brilliance, a directional LED spotlight will frequently cost more than a fixed recessed LED spotlight. However, depending on the model, the price of LED spotlights generally ranges from 2 euros to over 250 euros.

FAQ about Led spotlights

Overall opinion

The LED spotlight is a fantastic lighting option that creates an elegant and romantic atmosphere. Modern and with more space due to its ceiling installation, it will not hinder your movements. With a wide-angle view of the megalopolis, it is very popular for industrial lofts with spotlights. By opting for a recessed spotlight, you assert your dominance over the opulent world.

The choice of LED spotlights is still widespread, as they offer several undeniable advantages. As for your side, don't be afraid to take the risk to get a lighting that is very pleasant. Moreover, by combining your installation with an LED dimmer, you can change the pleasures.

My favourite LED spotlights


In conclusion, LED spotlights can be used to light both small and large spaces. They offer a long life at a low price, making them the ideal minimalist alternative for maximising design and minimising energy costs. With all these advantages, it would be wrong to do without them!

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