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Today, most households opt for LED floodlights instead of conventional lamps. They are right to do so, as LED floodlights are more powerful and also more efficient. There is a wide range of projector models with different power levels: 10 W, 20 W, 50 W and also 100 W. In this article, we focus on the professional outdoor floodlight.

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What exactly is an LED projector?

The outdoor spotlight LED is a lighting device with an optical device called mirrors or lenses. It is used to project a beam of light into a specific area such as a garden or a room. Thanks to the LED technology integrated in the projector, it does not consume energy and does not produce any harmful gases.

Why choose a professional projector?

There are many reasons to buy a professional outdoor LED floodlight. Not only is it a high-powered spotlight, but it also has a low power consumption compared to other types of spotlights.

Energy saving device


Power consumption is often a source of expense, whether at home or in the office. Fortunately, this is not the case with LED projectors. It's no wonder that LEDs are now being used in many professional environments. Incandescent projectors really add to the bill, whereas LED projectors are more cost-effective. LED projectors are more cost effective, spending less than 90 % compared to other conventional lamps.

Unparalleled robustness

LED floodlights are highly resistant to environmental conditions. Some models even offer a guarantee against dust and humidity. The longevity of this device is incomparable, and can reach up to 60,000 hours.

An energy-efficient appliance

Thanks to their above-average light output, LED floodlights promise high-quality and attractive lighting. They are perfect for illuminating indoor and outdoor spaces. The emergence of this LED technology is a truly intelligent and energy-efficient solution. However, choosing an LED floodlight of any power, such as a 200 W model, means saving more than 75 % in energy costs.

Attractive aesthetics

The advantage of choosing an LED floodlight is not limited to its capabilities. They also have an unrivalled aesthetic advantage. They are available in many colours, in transportable or rechargeable versions, with neutral, warm or cold colour temperatures, it's up to you! With an LED spotlight, you can vary the brightness and moods to suit your needs. With a simple remote control, you can control all its operations.

Unlike incandescent floodlights, LED floodlights offer the advantage of being able to be switched on instantly, without buzzing or flickering. They also offer excellent light output for unrivalled durability.

What are professional LED projectors used for?

These devices are very popular with both private and professional users who are looking for a lighting solution that is easy to install, reliable and above all economical. However, the versatility of LED floodlights can be beneficial in many situations. Whether on a stand or in a theatre, LED floodlights offer unbeatable performance.

To enhance your exhibition stands


LED spotlights can illuminate and brighten up your stand at a trade fair or showroom. Dare to attract attention by choosing LED spotlights. All eyes will be on your stand with an LED spotlight.

To illuminate a theatre

Thanks to the dynamic effects offered by LED spotlights, they can also be used to illuminate a stage for shows or concerts.

For an unparalleled party atmosphere

All the colours that LED technology incorporates offer many advantages for an unparalleled party atmosphere. Indeed, the colour programmes really complement the other light sources for more dynamism and especially to create a warm atmosphere.

How to choose your professional LED projectors?

These devices come in a variety of makes and models. So it's easy to get confused. To help you, here are the parameters to consider when choosing your LED projector.

LED headlight colours

LED floodlights reproduce a splendid colour palette! The choice of colour will depend entirely on how it is used.

Warm white is the most common colour and ranges from 2,700 to 4,000 Kelvin with a tendency to yellow. It is recommended to use this colour to enhance a church, stone walls or vegetation. Warm white offers a soft light and creates less light pollution.

Secondly, neutral white is between 4500 and 5500 Kelvin. This colour is the one that is closest to natural light. It offers a good colour rendering, especially at night, as it is not at all aggressive to the eyes. It is recommended especially for terraces or for night events.

Finally, cool white is above 5,500 Kelvin. It is the most intense colour with an excellent light output. It can be used to enhance modern buildings and is ideal for lighting car parks and garages to deter criminals.

Lighting power

Here again, the choice of power will depend entirely on the surface area to be lit as well as the context, i.e. day or night, inside or outside. To give you an idea of the power to choose according to the surface to be lit, here is a small summary:

  • An area between 10 and 15 m2 will need a 10W LED spotlight
  • An area between 40 and 50 m2 requires a 50 W LED spotlight
  • An area of more than 50 m2 requires an LED spotlight between 80 and 100 W
  • Lighting of more than 300 W is required for large areas such as stadiums or car parks

Wired or rechargeable LED spotlight?

Professional LED projector

You can choose between a wired and a rechargeable LED floodlight. Just as the name suggests, the wired model requires a power source to operate. It maintains a constant brightness during all work. On the other hand, the rechargeable models can be moved around and are portable. They are usually equipped with a lithium battery that allows them to work autonomously and without interruption.

LED spotlight with or without motion detector?

There are LED floodlight models that are equipped with a motion detector. Once installed, it switches on automatically when it detects a presence. This model is very interesting for increasing security. Indeed, it helps to dissuade burglars. To choose this model, opt for a model that offers a 160° angle to be able to cover an entire area. At the same time, choose a model that is adjustable so that you can set the lighting duration or the detection distance.

The radiation angle

This parameter must be chosen according to the use you wish to make of it. To light a large area such as a construction site, choose a model that offers a wide field of vision with more than 120° of light beam. However, you will need a simple angle between 30° and 50° for lighting small areas.

The materials

Generally, LED projectors are made from aluminium for resistance to the vagaries of the weather. However, this parameter must be checked carefully, especially when it is intended for outdoor use.

Dimensions and shapes

LED floodlights are available in various sizes and shapes. From classic to modern designs, you can mount the LED spotlight on the floor or wall. However, it is also important to determine in advance where you plan to install it. Make sure that the dimensions of the device and the length of the cable are sufficient to be connected to your electrical installation.

Protection class or IP

The protection index is a means of verifying the watertightness of the product. It is composed of two numbers, the first of which refers to the level of resistance to the penetration of solid objects and the second to the level of resistance to the penetration of liquid elements.

The different types of professional LED projectors

LED technology continues to revolutionise its lighting and in the field of floodlighting there are several types of LED floodlights.

  • The wall mounted LED spotlight is a type of device that can be used to illuminate outdoor areas such as the garden, terrace or driveway.
  • The single LED floodlight on a stand can be moved for spot lighting. Thus, it can be used for indoor or outdoor use.
  • The motion-sensing LED spotlight automatically switches on when it detects a presence in the vicinity.

It's up to you to choose the model that suits your needs!

Where to install an outdoor LED spotlight?

Where to install an outdoor LED spotlight?

In a professional or private setting, the use of a 100 W LED spotlight is becoming more and more common. This is why its installation can be varied.

To illuminate the garden

A 100 W LED floodlight has a very high power. This is why it can be installed outside to illuminate a large garden or even places where people pass through. For more aesthetics, you can fix it to the wall of your house to light up your facade and to give a breathtaking view of your garden.

Perfect for illuminating a car park

To improve visibility and alertness in the car park, it is necessary to install good lighting. For this purpose, it is advisable to opt for cold white LED spotlights for lighting the passageways. This type of spotlight is very economical and can be used throughout the night.

To illuminate an entire building site

The 100 W LED floodlights are a great way to illuminate an entire construction site. Self-contained and powerful, it provides excellent visibility for workers at night. With this device, all workers can handle all tools with great precision as in daylight!

The price of a professional LED projector

The price of this device varies widely and is offered at all prices. From one brand to another, the price can be as low as one and as high as double. In any case, you can expect a budget that starts at €20 for a standard 100 W LED spotlight, and goes up to €100 for LED spotlights with motion sensors.


Adopting an LED floodlight is a very good investment to light up your exterior.

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