How does an LED spotlight works?

LED technology continues to revolutionise, particularly in the field of lighting. It is a lighting solution that is highly appreciated by professionals, but also by private individuals. It is very practical and can be used to illuminate all types of outdoor and indoor spaces in a durable and economical way. As you can see, there are many models available in specialist shops. And this abundance of possibilities means that your choice will be a little more complicated. But you might be wondering if this technology is really worth it? This article answers all your questions.

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Why choose LED floodlights?

LED floodlights are accessories that produce a powerful and precise light beam. Equipped with a dynamic infrared system, this equipment offers a clearer night vision. As it is mainly visible on a facade, a post or on the ground, LED floodlights are made of shock and moisture resistant materials.

With the revolution in technology, coloured spotlights give your pools an authentic look. The powerful LED lamp and the reflector are easy to adjust to achieve the desired effect. The LED spotlights enhance and guarantee a perfect harmony to your entire house.

Types of LED floodlights available

We should know that choosing an LED floodlight is not an easy task. Each of the LED projectors on the market has its own field of application. It is up to you to choose the one that meets your expectations. Here are three classic models that are most commonly used:

The simple wall mounted LED floodlight is used to illuminate the exterior of a property such as a terrace, garden, driveway, car park, etc. As the name suggests, this device is fixed to the wall and is not portable.

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The single LED floodlight on a stand is a very practical device because of its transportable design. It is the ideal accessory if you want to achieve a powerful spotlight at any event.

The LED motion sensor floodlight is characterised by its automatic switch-on. When this device detects a person, an animal or a car, it is automatically activated. Some models are equipped with a brightness sensor that switches on after dark.

The LED pool light: a must-have for outdoor decoration

If you want to light your pool in a different way, why not install LED floodlights? The main advantage of a LED pool lighting is its energy saving. This type of lighting consumes little energy in order to meet ecological and economic concerns.

LED pool spotlight

Floodlights for swimming pools

It is important to know that there is a wide choice of spotlights for spa, pool and steam rooms. The most commonly used is the LED model for the universal pool niche. This accessory provides a soothing light to the water and the light is available in several colours.

Then we have the LED floodlight for above ground pools. This type of technology is perfectly suited for wooden or steel pools. It provides a white light or a light with a mixture of colours.

The extra-flat LED spotlight is the ideal option for replacing an incandescent lamp installation. Easy to install, the screw-in model is ideal for a pool with a liner. However, it is also suitable for a shell or panel pool.

The current trend is to light the pool using floating LED lights. They come in all shapes: round, oval, square, etc. Not only do they add a decorative touch to your pool, but they also create a tailor-made atmosphere.

The rechargeable LED spotlight: a valuable accessory in case of unexpected events

Also known as a portable LED floodlight, this device allows you to illuminate targeted areas and benefit from a durable and economical lighting solution. Consisting of an LED lamp, optics and reflector, the rechargeable projector works via a lead or lithium battery. Like most energy-saving devices, it is always accompanied by a high-power charger.

When to use it?

The rechargeable LED is useful in certain situations, namely:

  • Moving at night to an unlit area of the house.
  • Illuminated from a site where electricity is not available.
  • In the event of a power cut or sudden power failure.
  • Fixing a car breakdown in the middle of the night.
  • etc.

This list is not exhaustive, as you can use this LED floodlight in any emergency situation.

What is its autonomy?

The battery life of a portable LED projector depends entirely on the features that the device has. Complex models with multiple features tend to consume more power than others with basic functions.

In general, an LED floodlight with a 2,200 mAh battery has a life of 4 hours. And with a 4,400 mAh battery, it can last up to 7 hours.

How do I install an LED spotlight?

Whether outdoors or indoors, the use of an LED floodlight is an interesting option. It provides a high level of illumination while consuming less energy. By remaining accessible to all budgets, this light source is effectively becoming an indispensable technology for security. To get the most out of it, you need to install your LED floodlight correctly. How do you do this?

LED spotlight with sensor

Defining the ideal location

Thinking about the location of the LED floodlight is the first step. To make this easier, consider the following criteria:

  • It is important to place your spotlights 2 to 3 metres above the ground, especially if they are equipped with a motion detector. In this position, it will cover a detection distance of 1 to 10 metres. This option is mandatory for a spotlight with a motion detector.
  • To avoid the risk of blinding, point the projector downwards.
  • Be aware of all objects within the projector's detection range. These physical or reflective obstacles may trigger it repeatedly. This can be a nuisance in your daily life, especially at night.

Preparing the installation

To carry out this next step, we recommend that you unscrew the mounting arm of the LED floodlight if it has one. If not, you can use a suitable bracket and locate the fixing points to be drilled. Once you have located the right spot, simply drill into the wall, insert dowels and screw the projector bracket firmly into place.

Be aware that a poorly screwed bracket can be dangerous, as the projector can be triggered frequently by wind and weather. Make sure that it is held securely in place to avoid this inconvenience.

Connect to a power supply 

Before attempting any work, the electrical power to the house must first be disconnected during the work. Open the protective cover and unscrew the cable clamp and the screws of the connection terminals. Once 5 millimetres of the cable strands have been stripped, start the connection.

Take out the terminal block and insert the power cable into it, following the connection diagram correctly. Tighten the screws and replace the block. Tighten the cable clamp and close the protective cover.

If you intend to install the floodlight outside the house, rubber seals or waterproof junction boxes are preferable. This way, the installation will be compatible with the humid environment.

Installing LED projector

Fixing the LED projector

This step consists of setting up the LEC projector. You can attach it to its previously installed mounting bracket. All you have to do is switch the power back on and enjoy your lighting by flipping the switch. That's it!

Setting the presence detector

If your LED spotlight has a built-in motion detector, you should consider setting this option to suit your needs:

  • The axis of detection is sometimes difficult to determine. To do this, do not hesitate to carry out several tests by adjusting the detector accordingly.
  • The light sensitivity defines the amount of light emitted by the projector. This option is very important if you do not want the projector to be activated only at nightfall.
  • The switch-on time is the number of seconds or minutes that the projector will remain switched on at each pass.

How to repair an LED projector?

Like all electrical appliances, the LED projector can also stop working. This failure can have different causes related to high or low voltage. In any case, we list the most common problems below:

A short circuit on the power supply board

When a projector does not work, it may be due to its power supply board. This is the first thing to check in the event of a failure. To fix it, simply detect the part of the board that has burned out and replace it with an equivalent part.

One of the LED lamps is burnt out

In most situations, LED luminaires are connected in series. The current path is unique. The lamps light up one after the other when you plug in a power source. The series connection means that when one lamp fails, the whole unit automatically fails. To fix this interruption, replace the burnt-out LED with a new one.

Failed motion detector

In this type of situation, there can be two options: either the presence detector is faulty or the projector in question. To be sure, turn on your device without the sensor. If it does not work, the problem is with the sensor.

For repairing an LED projector We recommend that you call in a professional technician to do this effectively. This way you can be sure that your appliance will work longer.

Advantages of using an LED spotlight 

LED bulbs or lamps offer countless advantages. First of all, it is a revolutionary technology that offers an excellent life span. Conventional projectors usually break down easily. By choosing an LED projector, you will not need to change the bulbs regularly.

Projector with motion detector

LED projectors tend to heat up less than a conventional bulb. There is no need to invest in a fan to keep your device cool. In addition, this accessory is less noisy and easy to store.

Finally, this type of projector offers an undeniable advantage in terms of energy and ecology. Unlike halogen bulbs, projectors with LED lamps consume less energy. Its consumption is very low, which saves your money on energy bills. LED bulbs are also recyclable.

Disadvantages of an LED floodlight

Although the LED projector seems perfect, it has a few disadvantages that are worth mentioning. The main concern is the lack of brightness. This type of light cannot be used in daylight, like conventional bulbs. It is wise to use it in total darkness.

The other problem with this device is its final image quality, especially in terms of contrast. However, if you were to use an LED projector in the dark, this low brightness would not be a problem at all.

In fact, this situation occurs mostly in low-end, well-priced products. To avoid this, only buy top-of-the-range, branded items.

How much does an LED projector cost?

There is something for everyone, from about ten euros to several hundred euros. In fact, everything depends on its waterproofing, power, options, autonomy, etc. Nevertheless, the classic models are often less expensive than the solar LED projectors.


LED projectors are gradually replacing projectors with halogen bulbs. This is obvious, even if the old models still offer impeccable image quality. To catch up, the creators of this new technology are constantly making progress to offer an innovative product that meets the needs of users. In the near future, the LED projector will be a mandatory accessory in the home.


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