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Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Are you looking for the best possible LED lighting? Well, you've come to THE most comprehensive website in the world! ???? No, I'm just kidding.

I don't know if my site is the most comprehensive in the world, but I have done my best to make sure that my LED projector site covers as many areas and uses as possible.

My name is Pierre and I have been working in the lighting sector since 2013, my specialisation being of course LED lighting.

I have installed this type of lighting in large buildings, homes, on construction sites, for swimming pools, with solar systems, and much more.

As you probably know, LED lighting has many advantages compared to other types of lighting:

  • Very low electricity consumption
  • Excellent light output
  • Very long life
  • Low heat output
  • Security

The only disadvantage that can be found with LED lamps is the higher purchase price. However, this cost is quickly recouped thanks to their low energy consumption and unparalleled longevity.

Everyone knows about LEDs, but there are variations of them that can be extremely useful in certain situations. I'm talking about solar-powered, rechargeable, portable battery-powered, motion-sensing, wireless, and even smartphone-connected LED floodlights or lamps.

As the installation of LED lighting, at home or at work, still requires some thought about the most optimal system to adopt, I wanted to share with you my experience in this field. Thanks to my know-how, I want to prevent you from investing in lighting that is too weak or too powerful or that is not adapted to your home.

You will find on my website my guides, advices & comparisons of LED lighting for all types of locations and needs.

I have also done my best to direct you to the websites that offer the best equipment at the best price ????.

I hope my site will help you understand and choose the right LED lighting for your needs and budget.

Wishing you all an excellent day and pleasant reading.


Led for Light