Cheap 50w LED spotlight

The 50W LED floodlights are a constant and radiant light source. They can effectively illuminate a large area such as an outdoor football stadium, a car park or the exterior of a property. However, the many brands, prices and models often leave buyers in a quandary. Don't worry, we've written this guide to help you! Focus on cheap 50W LED floodlights!

The 5 best cheap 50W LED projectors in 2023

Why choose a 50W LED floodlight?

The LED spotlight is an exceptional product with several undeniable advantages. Indeed, it allows to produce a harmonious light with a different power, 50W, 100 W or a 150w power. With this equipment, you get optimal lighting for your entire house.

The light output of the 50W LED floodlight is therefore 100 % once it is switched on. The light looks exactly like daylight. The light is easy to direct and you can adjust it to your needs to reduce poorly lit areas. You will have a clearer view of the entire space. 

cheap 50w led spotlight

Unlike conventional lights, it does not emit ultraviolet rays or intense heat. It is a very interesting ecological choice. Moreover, it is not at all greedy in terms of energy consumption. Compared to traditional lamps, the LED bulbs in the projector save between 60 and 80 % of energy. This will have a positive impact on the electricity bill.

Finally, it should be noted that LED floodlights never go out unexpectedly. They gradually lose their power over time. Once they are no longer working, you have to replace them. Of course, these accessories are weather resistant (heavy rain, wind, snow, frost, humidity, etc.). However, their performance always remains stable.

In which situations should 50 W LED floodlights be used?

Choosing a 50W LED floodlight will be beneficial for your business premises, but also for the car park, the garden or the entrance of the house. This device is often used in business premises, but also for domestic use. It's up to you to decide where you want to use your spotlight.

50 W LED floodlights for professional use

The majority of the 50 W LED floodlights we offer are equipped with a motion detector. This is why they are most often found in commercial, industrial and warehouse premises. This automatic option enables the lighting to be switched on as soon as the sensor detects a presence. This can be achieved with an infrared presence sensor, for example.

Combining your projector lighting with a motion detector is an effective way to save electricity. Once it detects a presence in the vicinity, it switches on automatically. This means you don't have to fiddle with anything, which is very handy if your hands are tied. 

Thus, 50W LED floodlights are recommended for illuminating the exterior of your company all year round. They are suitable for construction or renovation work carried out at night. With a good waterproofing, you will have an optimal brightness in winter as in autumn to carry out your activities in all serenity.

50 W LED floodlights for individual use

You will find several models of 50 W LED projectors with a simple and pure design. These devices can be easily integrated into your decoration. Some consumers use them for outdoor lighting, especially in winter. Others prefer to install it on the terrace to have a pleasant lighting during the summer evenings.

As you can see, 50W LED floodlights can also enhance your outdoor spaces. In addition to that, these equipments offer different types of temperature and lighting colours from warm white, neutral white to cool white.

When the projector is equipped with an infrared sensor, it provides even more security for your home. You will be alerted as soon as a suspicious movement is detected. This automatic switch-on will deter burglars and criminals who are loitering around your home.

The different types of LED floodlights available

Cheap 50 watt LED spotlight

Each of the LED projectors listed below has its own characteristics. In order to choose the best model, it is essential to know their particularities.

50W waterproof LED spotlight

All waterproof LED floodlights are rated to at least IP65. Designed for external use, this model is perfectly resistant to bad weather, dust and dirt. These are the types of floodlights that we find near swimming pools.

50W dimmable LED spotlight

Equipped with a bulb connected to a dimmer, this type of projector offers a wide choice of light output. When using this model, we advise you to keep an eye on your energy consumption in order to obtain a better comfort of use.

50W LED floodlights on stand

This type of LED spotlight can be installed anywhere to create a specific decorative atmosphere. These robust, high-performance models are ideal for illuminating a work of art in a museum, for example.

50W battery operated LED floodlights

Unlike projectors that are connected to a power source, battery-powered models offer long life. All you need to do is charge your projector before using it. This type of accessory is the most popular with professionals who work at night.

Portable 50W LED spotlight

If you want to benefit from occasional lighting, opt for portable LED spotlights. This is the equipment of choice for a night out with friends or a family gathering under the terrace. Since it is portable, you can take it with you wherever you go. In addition, this accessory can be adjusted.

What is the life expectancy of a 50W LED spotlight?

The winner in terms of longevity is certainly the LED luminaire. Its life span is approximately 30,000 to 100,000 hours. This is 4 to 5 times longer than a fluorescent lamp and 25 times longer than a halogen lamp. However, the lifetime differs from one LED to another. An integrated projector of 20w or LED modules with 10w light up for longer than a single LED lamp.

Does the LED lamp really last for ten years?

The majority of LED bulb packaging clearly states the lifetime of the bulb: 5, 10, 17 or 20 years. These figures are quite attractive, but can be misleading. That's why it's highly recommended to make a personal calculation. But how can this be done?

To do this, add the lighting time of the week. If your LED floodlight is on 5 days a week, that's 60 hours per week, or 3120 hours per year. Then divide this time by the annual value. If your LED lamp has a lifetime of 25,000 hours, this means that it will shine for 8 years, according to this calculation.

As you can see, the lifetime of an LED spotlight is not fixed. It depends on the daily use. But to ensure permanent lighting, we recommend replacing the LED lamp as soon as its life has expired, even if it continues to shine. 

Does the power of the lighting decrease over time?

Our batches of LED lamps lose their lighting power over the years. Despite this, they remain the most used and preferred by users. Compared to traditional lamps, its luminous flux can gradually decrease once its lifetime is reached.

To determine the brightness value (lumens) present in the product, read the standard for the average rated life on the packaging. An LED showing L70, for example, means that 70 % of the luminous value is originally retained. Here the letter L represents the decrease in luminous flux.

Factors that influence the life of an LED lamp

For long-lasting lighting, choose quality materials. Low-end models often produce insufficient light. Generally, this type of headlamp is harmful to the eyes. To check its effectiveness, make sure that the packaging of the projector displays the NF or CE mark.

50 W LED spotlight

You should also be aware that the environment of the LED influences its value. Here are some of the factors that influence the quality and lifetime of an LED lamp:

  • chemicals.
  • the chlorinated environment of swimming pools.
  • coastal climates.
  • moisture.
  • the variation in temperature.
  • the mechanical effect.

Points to consider about the lifetime of LEDs 

  • Projectors with LED lamps last up to 100,000 hours.
  • However, the actual lifetime depends on how long it is used.
  • LED lamps become progressively weaker over time.
  • The number of switching cycles influences the life of the LED bulbs.

How do I set up a 50W LED floodlight?

The installation of a 50W LED floodlight is very easy. It is within the reach of everyone: amateurs, do-it-yourselfers and professionals. With its mounting bracket, you will have no difficulty in putting it in place. All you need are screws and two dowels to securely fix it in place.

LED spotlight 50 w cheap 2

In fact, all the spotlights available on the market are ultra-light, waterproof and equipped with small power supplies. Remember to use a junction box to conceal and protect the electrical cables against unforeseen circumstances and bad weather.


Having a 50W LED spotlight at home is an advantageous trick to light up the outside of your sign. The use of this accessory allows you to live quietly and to secure your company in a different way. These lights have so many advantages: high light output, proven waterproofing and practical options such as a motion detector. Available in a wide range of prices and looks, this product is available on specialist sites such as Amazon or directly from DIY shops. Their stocks are unlimited and delivery is often free.


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