Low cost 500w LED spotlight

Would you like to make your home more attractive? And provide better lighting? Why not choose the 500W LED floodlight? It is an indispensable installation that emits a high energy consumption of up to 50,000 lux. However, it is very energy efficient and environmentally friendly compared to conventional lighting fixtures. Whether for an outdoor event or a warehouse activity, 500W LED floodlights are a good option to the usual lighting system. Here is a buying guide to help you choose the best 500W LED floodlight.

The 7 best low-cost 500w LED projectors in 2023

What is an external LED projector?

As the name suggests, floodlights are used particularly in poorly lit areas. As part of the outdoor lighting categories, this equipment can also illuminate a specific area such as the garden path, the terrace, the pergola, the front door, a petanque court or even a dark façade of the house. And that's not all! Nowadays, the low-cost LED spotlight is a highly decorative design element. 

500 W LED spotlight

This trendy product contains a number of interesting options, such as a motion detector. This feature is essential if you want to increase the security of your sign. When the device detects any movement or presence, it is automatically activated. Some spotlight models are adjustable. With this option, they can illuminate a more precise or asymmetrical area.

In most cases, the 500W LED floodlight is mounted on a wall, on a pole or directly on the ground. The installation is not complicated. To match the colour of your wall, this device is available in different colours. But the most popular are: grey, white and black.

Choosing the right power of the LED spotlight

The choice of wattage depends entirely on your lighting requirements, positioning and use of the projector. In general, this type of equipment emits a power of 10 watts up to 200 watts. However, it is quite difficult to define the appropriate power and its equivalence. 

To find your way around, here is a simple technique to compare your equivalence to the old bulbs. Take the power of the projector and multiply by 7. If your fixture has 10W, you get 10 x 7 = 70W. Then, evaluate this power according to your lighting needs. Follow these power guidelines to estimate the power you need:

  • a 10W LED spotlight illuminates a room of 10 to 15m2
  • a 20W LED spotlight illuminates an area of 15-20m2
  • a 30W LED spotlight can illuminate an area of 25 to 30m2
  • a 50W LED spotlight can illuminate a large area of 40m2
  • An LED spotlight between 80W and 100W gives off a lot of light. It is mainly used to illuminate a façade or a sports field.

However, our theory above depends on the configuration of the place and the way you want to light it. 

Choose the right shape of projector

At first, the projectors were large square blocks with an LED bulb in the middle. Its power supply is in its body. But since then, the models have evolved. These lights are becoming more aesthetic and classy. The majority of users opt for slim models, very thin to be discreet.

It should be noted that some headlamps are equipped with filters. These devices help to reduce glare. Since the projector emits a powerful light, this is the choice we recommend to avoid visual concerns.

LED projector and colour temperature

Expressed in Kelvin, the colour temperature offers several different moods to your wall. A device with a colour temperature of 2500K to 3500K provides a warm white light. It is the ideal accessory to create a warm atmosphere on the terrace.

A 3500-5000K LED spotlight, however, gives a neutral white light. This is similar to the natural brightness of the sun. This shade is perfect for enhancing a building.

Finally, a 6000K and above LED floodlight provides cool white light. It is particularly recommended for garages, work areas and workshops. With this equipment, your vision will be very clear.

Be careful, however, as the projectors of 400w power have a tendency to glare. If the glare is directed directly at those around you, it may disturb them. To avoid this, consider orienting your device so that the light beam does not disturb others.

The undeniable advantages of LED technology

500 W LED spotlight

Significant savings on the electricity bill

As you know very well, the price of electricity is increasing day by day. Did you know that LED bulbs use less than 90 % of energy? This device is therefore appreciated to reduce your monthly electricity consumption.

A long-lasting device

In contrast to conventional halogen floodlights, LED floodlights have an average life of 20 years. This value varies according to the quality of the product. You will probably not have to change it frequently.

An eco-responsible projector

The LED floodlight is free of harmful substances. It can be recycled many times over. This is why it is called eco-responsible. This modern equipment is harmless to health, but also to the environment. 

A low temperature device

Regardless of their power and size, all LED floodlights emit a very low temperature compared to halogens. They convert electricity into light and reduce the risk of fire.

Energy-efficient lighting

When in use, LED technology converts about 80 % of the energy it consumes into a light source. In contrast, conventional lighting only gives off 20 %. This energy gain translates into significant savings on the electricity bill.

Improved resolution

With no fragile components, the 500W LED floodlight is far more reliable than other lighting methods. In addition, this ultra-modern equipment is perfectly resistant to heat, frost, vibration, etc. construction sites and various weather conditions.

LED spotlight: lighting of the different facades of the house 

The LED projector 300w allows the architecture of any building to be highlighted. It gives it added value. Indeed, at nightfall, the luminosity gives the building a different face.

Enhancement of the façade

If you want to enhance a particular façade, choose LED spotlights in flat format. These devices provide a very original accent lighting to your wall. Apart from highlighting every corner of your home, you should also know that LED floodlights provide a safe lighting. 

Before installing your spotlight, first think about the elements you want to highlight: the cornice, the balcony, the stone facing, etc. You can, for example, place an LED spotlight under the recesses of the façade. This will highlight the arch. Also think about functional lighting at the entrance to your door. 

Use projectors suitable for external walls

Choosing the right LED spotlight to embellish a façade is not as easy as many people think. For best results, use RGB LED floodlights with changing colours. These devices offer a varied ambience for even more aesthetics.

This type of projector is the best option for embellishing stone walls in a different way. For a single-storey house, however, a direct projection is preferable to create a plunging light. By eliminating the darkness with its angle of emission, the light is also very dense. However, if there is not enough distance between the two, never use front lights, as they may cause glare.

500W LED Projector Installation Guide

This type of lighting complies with strict safety regulations. Before installing it, check that the electrical installation complies with the NF C 15-100 standard. This index reflects the degree of humidity in the walls and the installation of 30 mA differential switches on each circuit.

All facade lights generally require a connection to the house's electricity supply, except for solar LED projectors. Once you have determined its location, turn off the main circuit breaker so that the power is not flowing.

500 W projector model

To mark out the path of the cables, draw the connection plan. Then choose waterproof electrical sheaths to connect them to the earth. Do not forget to check carefully the protection rating of the cables.

Finally, dig trenches to run the cables to the spotlight. To prevent rainwater from stagnating, lay a thick layer of sand and place a wire mesh over the buried ducts. This warns of the presence of electrical cables. And install the ground fault circuit interrupter. 

What about the maintenance of 500 W LED floodlights?

We tend to forget it, but the LED floodlight outdoors is exposed and subjected to a lot of stress. Its body, usually painted with low quality paint, will flake and rust over time. To avoid this, we recommend dismantling your fixture, at least once a year, and giving it a new shine. At the same time, clean the glass with a cloth to remove any dirt. Dirt accumulation causes light to be lost in the evening.


Both practical and decorative, the 500W LED floodlight is an environmentally friendly device. It illuminates your outdoor spaces without increasing your electricity bill. Simply set the wattage, colour temperature and ideal location in advance to enhance your property. Available at on Amazon and other specialised sites, this product is a must-have for this year.


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