10w LED spotlight cheaper

Easy to install on the ground as well as on a facade, the spotlight is one of the most widely used lights to illuminate the garden, the pool, the terrace, the balcony and other facades of the house. LEDs are gradually replacing traditional bulbs thanks to their undeniable advantages. We invite you to discover our complete buying guide on the cheapest 10W LED floodlights on the market.

The 7 best 10w LED projectors in 2023

What is a projector?

By definition, a projector is a device that combines a light source with an optical device (mirrors or lenses). The objective is to project a beam of light into a predefined corner. An indoor spotlight generates a concentrated, but less intense light. This is why this device can give a new atmosphere to a specific area such as a dark room, decorative plants or living spaces.

On the other hand, spotlights for external use are dedicated to a rather large lighting. They are used to highlight a football stadium or a large façade at night. And to minimise electricity costs, users have come up with a clever idea by adopting 10w LED bulbs.

All the advantages of an LED spotlight

Light quality

Electricity consumption is a major problem that increases the expenses of a company, a factory or even a household. We can forget about this problem by using LED lighting. With its higher luminous capacity than incandescent spotlights, LED spotlights guarantee quality lighting.

It is without doubt the best device for lowering energy bills. With its adjustable lighting with directional beams, this option offers a light source to match your expectations.

Safety device

The 10w LED floodlight is an essential accessory for your home, as a well-lit property keeps burglars at bay. This accessory therefore ensures your safety and that of your loved ones.

By using an energy-saving spotlight, we benefit from permanent lighting. However, a device with a motion detector ensures even greater energy savings.

Diversity of use

There are an infinite number of LED spotlight models on the market. These varieties of products offer a wide range of design possibilities for your home. Very appreciated for its aestheticism and its versatility, the LED spotlight can be installed outside. In addition, it is available in several colours: warm white, natural white, cold white, etc.

Using the LED remote control, we can adjust the lighting to create a specific atmosphere. If we choose the50w LED lightingThis power can easily light up a dark shed or warehouse, a car park, a garden, etc.

Energy efficient solution

Like all LED lighting solutions, our spotlight also offers economic advantages. A 40W incandescent fixture consumes four times as much as a 10W LED spotlight. By using this type of lighting, we can considerably reduce our electricity bill. Moreover, the LED spotlight offers similar high quality lighting.

10 W projector cheaper

One thing to remember is that outdoor LED floodlights are free of toxic components. They do not generate any negative waves: ultraviolet and infrared. On top of that, this type of lighting is 98% recyclable. But for even more amazing results, don't hesitate to buy a solar spotlight, a healthy and totally ecological accessory.

Heavy duty accessory

The majority of LED floodlights 20w The lamps on the market are made with a base, a dome and a well-sealed shell. These elements are very resistant, especially to bad weather: rain, snow, frost, sun, etc.

Criteria for choosing an LED projector

Protection class (IP)

Generally, an IP rating of 44 is more than enough to protect our lighting device from moisture and dust. However, for more efficiency, we recommend choosing an LED floodlight with an IP65 or higher.


The choice of the power of an LED spotlight depends entirely on its use, but also on where it is installed. If we want to illuminate a facade, a spotlight with a light output of between 80 and 100w is more than sufficient. To illuminate a terrace, it is best to use a 10w projector. This model provides a pleasant light and a friendly atmosphere. The power of 30w is rather reserved for lighting a garden of 25 to 30 m2.

Lighting colour

When we buy an LED garden light, the light colour plays an important role. And the advantage of LED is that we can freely choose the shade of the light. If you want to have a temperature of around 3000 K, choose warm white. Cool white, on the other hand, is around 6000 and 8000 K. Finally, the warmth emitted by neutral white is around 4000 and 5500 K. However, we recommend a cool white projector for optimum visual comfort and clarity outdoors.

Dimensions and shapes

It is important to remember that floodlights for outdoor lighting come in different shapes and sizes. There are models with a classic design and more discreet, slimline versions. To avoid the clutter of wiring, many users prefer rechargeable LED floodlights. These are self-contained and easy to install. However, we always recommend checking the battery life before purchase.

Three common types of LED projectors on the market

10 watt LED spotlight cheaper

Classic LED floodlights

These are the basic projectors whose luminaire power varies from 10w to 300w. They are used to illuminate outdoor areas without consuming a large amount of energy. With a high protection rating (IP65 to IP66), most of these models are highly resistant to splashing water and moisture. For indoor use, conventional LED spotlights are not affected by dirt.

LED motion sensor floodlights

We also have an LED spotlight with motion detector. This means that it automatically switches on when someone walks by. By only switching on when we are walking back and forth, this type of spotlight saves energy. Thanks to the various options of the presence detector, this light does not risk being switched on unnecessarily. We can program the switch-on time and the brightness level.

Solar LED floodlights

Solar LED floodlights are the perfect answer to the needs of renewable energy enthusiasts. Self-sufficient, this type of lighting works thanks to the sun's light rays. Equipped with a solar panel, this spotlight needs a total duration of 8 hours and a charging time of about 4 hours to light the outside of the house. The solar spotlights are space-saving and have a modern design that blends in with your garden décor.

Solar Led Projector

Where to buy the projector at the best price?

DIY stores offer a wide range of LED floodlights. But it is also possible to find them at a good price in online shops specialising in garden or lighting. The price is quite variable, but affordable depending on the model chosen. Our sales site applies low prices on all our equipment to satisfy the needs of our customers.

How to maintain an LED spotlight?

This type of luminaire is often placed outside the house. It is therefore subjected to a lot of stress. Over time, its colour can rust due to the weather. To maintain its original appearance, we recommend dismantling it once a year and painting the entire shell. At the same time, any dirt that gets on the glass should be cleaned.

How to install it?

In most situations, all LED floodlights are equipped with a mounting bracket. In this way, they can be installed in different places and illuminate the surroundings of the house. Solar panel floodlights do not require any electrical handling. However, models with mains connections require a junction box for the installation of electrical cables.

Overall opinion on the LED projector

Often perceived as a construction site or industrial area lighting, the LED spotlight can also become a decorative object to embellish your whole house. It is also the appropriate and best solution to minimise the negative impact on the environment.


There are many different models of projectors producing LED lighting on the market. Each of these can be perfectly adapted to your needs and budget. What is certain is that this solution offers several advantages, combining high performance lighting and minimal consumption.


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