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The choice of which LED projector to buy cannot be taken lightly. In my opinion, you should consider several criteria depending on the use you will make of it and your needs. There are so many models on the market that you may end up buying a projector that is not suitable for your projects. We agree that it would be a shame to invest in equipment that is too bright or not bright enough.

With this in mind, I invite you to find out the main characteristics of the product you need. Try to define the material compatible with your installations, find out about the durability of the model you like, etc. I assure you that you don't need to be a lighting specialist to evaluate all these criteria.

In this article, I will share with you some important information to know before buying an LED projector. This information has been very useful for me to learn more about cheap LED projectors. Reading this will only cost you a few minutes and will save you a lot of money.

The 7 best cheap 100w LED projectors in 2023

What is an LED projector? 

Many people do not necessarily understand what an LED projector is. It is a fascinating and complex product. As these lighting fixtures are very popular, they can be found mounted on most walls and ceilings.

They usually emit a beam of light called a spotlight. I like LED spotlights that can point spots in different directions.

This accessory is of paramount importance when you need to organise an event or illuminate a large space. It is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Don't confuse a wall light bulb with a spotlight

I would like to make one essential clarification. Wall lamps and floodlights use LED bulbs, but they are two different types of lighting. They are all used to light a room, but I much prefer spotlights, as they are much more versatile.

Wall-mounted bulbs are designed to be recessed into a structure. Whereas spotlights have a mount to attach them to different types of surfaces. You can then move them around to suit your needs. In addition, choosing an LED spotlight can be a sustainable solution when you need to hold an event often.

Why use an LED projector?

First of all, I find LED floodlights easy to use and a pleasure to buy. These types of low energy projectors allow you to benefit from300W LED lighting at low cost. One of the advantages of this product is its low purchase cost.

Many users are still reluctant to choose cheap LED projectors. They fear that they will stop working after a while. But technology has come a long way and these lamps are now extremely reliable and durable.

You can easily find high quality products on the market. You can invest your money with confidence in LED floodlights, as competing manufacturers do their best to offer you products with perfect durability.

A quick reminder of lighting technology

Lighting is a major electricity expense, in addition to heating and gas. Lighting technology has changed considerably in recent years. After incandescent bulbs preceded lamps, compact fluorescent lamps and LED spotlights have now invaded the domestic lighting market.

Widely used, whether in homes or in appliances with backlit displays, these cheap LED bulbs have many advantages. It all depends on how you use them.

100w LED projector cheap

Our incandescent bulbs are both energy consuming and inefficient. This meant that we had to switch on several lamps simultaneously to ensure correct lighting. Now banned by the European Union, these have been progressively withdrawn from the market since 2009 by low-energy solutions.

The arrival of compact fluorescent lamps, the forerunners in energy-saving lighting, signalled the end of incandescent lamps. With significant energy savings for the same lighting, these lamps quickly became very popular. They have been widely used and have a durability ten times greater than that of normal bulbs.

Even though these compact fluorescent lamps have been used massively, both by private individuals and by professionalsHowever, they were soon superseded by LED lamps. The latter stood out not only because of their superior energy performance, but also because they solved the shortcomings of CFLs.

Indeed, CFLs, although bright and energy efficient, are not perfect. Users have complained mainly about their lifespan, the time it takes for them to light up and, above all, the danger of the mercury they contain. Households are particularly concerned about the ultraviolet radiation they emit. In addition, these bulbs are not recyclable.

Consumers need ever more efficient and environmentally friendly lighting. That's why cheap LED floodlights have become popular for some time. They are the most reliable solution if you need powerful lighting. You can easily find LED floodlights on the shop shelves.

What is LED technology?

LED floodlights work with one or more light-emitting diodes. Like their predecessors, these light-emitting diodes draw on electrical energy to produce light. They are very interesting and have many applications.

All industries are looking for a sustainable and energy efficient lighting solution. This is why LEDs are used in various fields such as mobile electronics, signage, display lighting or automotive.

A single LED is too weak and does not give off enough light. More elaborate assemblies on a printed circuit board with a control device make it possible to create LED modules. These LED modules are used to make specific lights. In addition to being much more powerful, they are convenient to use and easily replaceable.

Since the year 2000, much more powerful LEDs called white LEDs have come onto the market. These are the most common lamps today. They are everywhere, in offices, public places and flats.

100 W LED spotlight cheap

How to buy a cheap LED projector?

You will have noticed that there are hundreds of thousands of models with a power of 200 W on the market. First of all, you have to take into account the fact that LED projector manufacturers are competing with each other. They want to dominate this market, which is growing every year. This competition is beneficial to us because the brands are developing better and better products.

These new generation LED floodlights are sold at a lower price than their predecessors, not to mention the fact that they come with exceptional accessories. But this multitude of offers can also be confusing for consumers. Here are some things to think about to guide your choice.

Take the time to compare models

Take the time to find good quality, inexpensive LED floodlight models. You need to investigate to find the right model for your needs. You should keep in mind during your search that the best LED floodlights are not necessarily the most expensive. A very expensive model may not really meet your needs.

First, make a shortlist of models that might interest you. Start with an overview of the product descriptions. Try to get the gist without studying them in too much detail and select your favourites. Then simply compare the features of the projectors that interest you most.

Feel free to read the comments of former users. You will find relevant information about the strengths and weaknesses of the brand. Even though you can easily find a lot of information on the internet, expert advice will not go amiss. To find out more about the different brands, models and options offered by the manufacturers, you can also consult specialised websites.

Determine your exact needs

Before you start looking, try to define exactly why you need an LED projector. Even though they are versatile, each model is more or less specific. For example, portable floodlights are ideal for hiking, camping or fishing. However, they are not effective for lighting a house and garden. Other floodlights are used as security lights to deter potential burglars.

Learn more about brands and user experiences

As some LED equipment is quite expensive, I would advise you to find out about the brand and check consumer reviews. Of course, there are well-known brands, but some lesser-known products are also of high quality and may perform better. You don't have to buy the most expensive projectors, but reliability is very important.

Choose a lighting angle according to your needs

All floodlights emit a strong beam of light, but there is a noticeable difference in the extent of the beam. A very narrow beam gives a brighter light. In this case, the area illuminated will be smaller, but the light can reach long distances. On the other hand, a beam with a wider angle illuminates larger areas, but is less bright.

Estimate the amount of light you will need

100 W LED spotlight

As I said, buying an LED projector is an investment. Buying lighting equipment that doesn't give enough light is very disappointing. So estimate in advance how much light you will need. The angle of the beam will affect the level of brightness, but it's the amount of light that will matter most. In short, forget about watts and pay more attention to lumens. The lumen is the unit of measurement for light. It allows you to put a simple figure on the amount of light you will need.

Find the colour rendering index

My advice would be irrelevant if I did not mention the colour rendering index.

This term is a bit abstruse for some and simply refers to the ability of your projector to reveal colours. Colours may appear a little differently depending on the model.

Don't worry! You don't have to do any calculations. Just read the product specifications to find out the number. This is especially important if you plan to use your LED floodlight indoors. This can be a problem if you are a painter for example. But for outdoor use, this indicator is not important. To give you an idea, the best projectors have a colour rendering index between 80 and 90.

Set a minimum duration of use according to your needs

The duration of an LED luminaire should normally be specified by the manufacturer. This is of paramount importance to ensure that the product is suitable for your project. In any case, look for projectors that can last longer. Battery-powered models are convenient on the move and efficient in terms of power consumption, but a bright, strong light can drain your batteries quite quickly. So try to find a compromise between light intensity and battery life.

Choose rechargeable or disposable batteries.

In the same way, you should choose between batteries rechargeable or disposable. Personally, I recommend rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, for the sake of the planet. These can last a very long time and hold a charge for quite a while. A good tip is to take a battery tester with you when you go to a shop.

100 W LED spotlight

Choose a waterproof model

I can only recommend a waterproof projector model if you plan to use it outdoors. Besides, for any electrical device, water resistance is a must considering the vagaries of the weather. So, with the exception of theatrical projectors, look for at least a water-resistant projector, or better yet, a waterproof projector.


I've been using a high powered LED projector for years and I can assure you that most of them stand the test of time. If you are having problems with a fixture, chances are that the projector is not using LED bulbs. This technology is now safe and durable. That's why many manufacturers don't hesitate to offer a multi-year warranty on their bulbs.


I have been working in the lighting industry for 9 years and my speciality is LED floodlights. Whether it's for indoor or outdoor use, LEDs have nothing but benefits in terms of efficiency and energy consumption. On my website you will find the best LED lighting in all areas.

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