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Installing an LED spotlight in your home is one of the best ways to light your home. It is economical and aesthetically pleasing and offers many advantages. LED spotlights come in several categories. For example, there is the extra-flat LED spotlight. This is the ideal solution for those who have a narrow ceiling and little space to install a recessed spotlight. This spotlight offers the advantage of easy installation and is multifunctional. Read more about this product in this article.

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What is an extra flat LED spotlight and what is it used for?

In the category of LED spotlights for indoor useIn this case, we find the extra-flat LED spotlight. This equipment, like others of its kind, is used to provide lighting in a given space. Its special feature is its customised design, which allows it to be adapted to the narrowest of spaces.

It is a solution for those who have installation problems with their false ceiling. You can use the light from this equipment to illuminate any space in your home. Its opaque diffuser allows it to project light over a large area. It can be installed in your living room, bedroom, office, bathroom, etc.

How to use this product?

The use of extra-flat LED spotlight is not complicated. In fact, the way it is used is not too far from that of other types of LED spotlights. Once installed, you can turn it on with a switch. Furthermore, the lighting control of this product is possible as it is also dimmable.

With this function, you can control the mood of the light that is emitted. In other words, it is possible to choose the type of lighting you want according to your wishes. If you buy a directional model, you can control the direction of the light according to your needs.

How to install the LED Spotlight?

The extra-flat LED spotlight is a recessed luminaire. This means that it is recessed into the ceiling. To install it, a false ceiling is required. In the case of other spotlights, it is often difficult to install with a false ceiling because of the limited space available. With the extra flat LED spotlight, this is much easier.

However, certain rules must be observed during installation. For example, it is essential that the installation height of the false ceiling is at least 5 cm. Similarly, the height of the sub-ceiling must also be 5 cm. This ensures that the heat can be released. However, this will not be possible if you have not determined the right locations for the extra-flat LED spotlights beforehand.

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Once you know where to put them, check with a metal detector whether a piece of metal is not in your false ceiling. If the result is negative, you can now drill the false ceiling, taking into account the diameter indicated by the manufacturer. Also make sure that the diameter of the hole is the same as the size of your spotlight.   

After that, install the junction box in the false ceiling. Next, lay the cables and finish embedding the spotlights. At this point, you are almost finished. Then you just have to screw in the bulb and install the spotlights. To carry out the installation properly, you will need various tools. You will need a stepladder, a screwdriver, a pencil, a measuring tape, a drill, a saw, etc.

Apart from the useful tools for installing LED spotlights, there are also certain standards that must be observed. Firstly, you must turn off the electricity before installation to avoid any risk of electrocution. Secondly, be aware of the electrical standards and regulations in force. You should also take into account another factor before installing your extra-flat LED spotlights. This is the number of spots to be installed.

This is a calculation that depends on a number of factors. The first factor to include in your calculation is the amount of light you need. LED spotlights offer powerful lighting, but this is often not enough. So you need to put in a certain number to get good lighting. Apart from this factor, you should also consider the space available on your ceiling and the size of the room.

Once you have made these calculations, you will know how many spots you need to light your space. Also check if your LED spotlight has a consistent recessing depth. For the aesthetics of your installation, be sure to arrange the LED spots properly. Choose a distribution that will be aesthetically pleasing and that will facilitate the lighting. For example, you can opt for a rectangular installation as many people do. To help you succeed in the installation phase of the extra-flat LED spotlights, asking for professional help can be a good idea.

What are the advantages of the extra flat LED spotlight?

The extra flat LED spotlight has many advantages.

An aesthetic product

The first advantage of this equipment is its aesthetic character. Like all spotlights, the extra-flat LED spotlight is a very elegant decorative element. It is installed only a few centimetres high. This allows it to blend in more easily with the decor. With its extra-flat design and recessed function, this light is very discreet. In addition, you can choose between different colours of this equipment.

Space-saving equipment

Extra flat LED spotlight Mimi price

Since the extra-flat LED spotlight does not take up much space in height, it is suitable for any kind of space. Thanks to its discreet appearance, you can install it in narrow spaces such as small bathrooms. You can therefore optimise your space with this light and avoid hurting yourself by banging your head on it.

A variety of location options for its installation

If you are looking for a multifunctional LED spotlight, you should choose the extra-flat LED spotlight. This product can be installed anywhere. You can put it in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc. It can also be installed in corridors or on furniture. Some people even use it as an outdoor decorative accessory. The versatility of this luminaire has made it very popular with consumers.

The extra-flat LED spotlight is highly economical

Another very important advantage of the extra-flat LED spotlight is its economic aspect. This is because the spotlight is equipped with an LED bulb. Thanks to this device, it consumes little energy, but provides a good quality of light. Furthermore, it has a long life span. This means that you can use it for a long time without spending money on changing lamps. The temperature of this spotlight when it is switched on is a maximum of 35 degrees C. There is therefore no risk of overheating. With this light, you are sure to save money on your electrical energy consumption costs.

An easy to install product

In addition to these advantages, the extra-flat LED spotlight is also easy to install. It is by far the easiest to install of all LED spotlights. You can put it in any space, whether it's narrow or wide. It is also one of the only spotlights that can be easily installed in a false ceiling. It is also waterproof and durable.

Price range

To buy an extra-flat LED spotlight, you need to budget a minimum of about 5 euros per spotlight. This price refers to standard flat LED spots. There are also other categories of extra-flat LED spotlights that cost from 10 to over 50 euros. In order to understand the price range of this product, you have to take into account its characteristics. In the category of adjustable flat LED spotlights, for example, you can find models costing around 30 euros or more. There are also sets of 10 spots that cost 30 to 40 euros and more. If you buy a large stock of this product, you can get free delivery.

Overall opinion

The extra-flat LED spotlight is a very useful and efficient piece of equipment. Its use is simple. It is easy to install provided certain rules are followed. The use of this product highlights all the advantages it offers. In addition to providing quality lighting, it can be adapted to any type of space. For such a valuable piece of equipment, the price is quite affordable.

For quality lighting, you can opt for an extra-flat LED spotlight. This product is easy to use and looks great. Moreover, it is multifunctional. It can therefore be used in any location. Another advantage is its economy. It does not consume much energy and has a long life.

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