Classic or connected recessed LED spotlight

Recessed LED spotlights are increasingly used to beautify the interior of a home or workplace. They exist in different categories with more interesting technologies. There is the classic recessed LED spot and the connected recessed LED spot. How does each of these spots work? What are the special features of the classic recessed LED spot and the connected recessed LED spot? What are their advantages? These are all questions that we will try to answer in order to clear up any unclear points. Read on to make the right choice.

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What you need to know about classic recessed LED spotlights

A classic recessed LED spotlight is a light source designed to illuminate the interior and exterior of a flat or business premises. It is an aesthetically pleasing piece of lighting equipment that enhances the decoration in the room. If you wish to buy LED spotlights for indoor useIf you are looking for a spotlight, choose a recessed spotlight. Why? Well, because they quickly blend in with the decor for a more aesthetic look. I've been using a classic recessed spotlight to light my office for several years and the result is just perfect. Discover some of the benefits of lighting that has the ability to revolutionise interior design.

Discreet and aesthetic lighting

Integrated into the ceiling or wall of your kitchen, the classic recessed LED spotlight does not clutter the room in which it is installed. It is a discreet light source that allows you to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere where the air circulates very well. The classic recessed LED spotlight is finished to a high standard, giving it a uniquely sleek design. For my family and I, this light is a masterpiece. No matter what room you install this spotlight in, it changes the environment by creating a beautiful ambiance.

The luminaire we are discussing consists of an LED bulb and a holder. The collar that serves as a belt for the bulb comes in different materials that add charm to the equipment. It is possible to find a collar in lacquered steel, which gives your spotlight a total discretion. You can find it in aluminium or stainless steel; each of these materials brings a touch of modernity to your luminaire.

Using the classic recessed LED spotlight

The classic recessed LED spotlight can be installed in any room of your house. You can install it in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, garage and more. Wherever it is, it offers maximum brightness. For best use, you need to take into account the room, the power of your spotlight and the decoration. I prefer ceiling installation in the living room, wall installation in the kitchen, bedroom and office.

Efficient and economical lighting

The classic recessed LED spotlight illuminates your room perfectly. Its lighting is precise and soft if you choose a cool white colour. This device has a colour range that can be used to suit the user's taste. So, depending on the room and your taste, you can opt for bright or neutral colours. Whichever option you choose, the room is optimally lit with a full view of all the elements in the room. The performance of this spotlight is 50 times higher than that of conventional bulbs.


This light is also very economical because it does not consume a lot of energy like conventional bulbs. It helps you save money on your electricity bill every month. It also has a long life, allowing you to use it for a long time without having to change it.

Protection class

It is the protection rating that identifies the level of resistance of the classic recessed LED spotlight. In my experience with a model of this device, I discovered that the recessed LED spotlight models are designed to be resistant to liquids, knocks and shocks. The classic recessed LED spotlights are therefore waterproof and very resistant equipment that you can use for a long time.

Price range

Classic recessed LED spotlights can be found in specialist lighting shops, DIY stores and even general e-commerce platforms. Prices vary depending on the model chosen. If you browse the sites, you will find that the first prices are between 1 and 5 euros. However, for some models, you should expect to pay up to 500 euros. The prices are organised in such a way that everyone can afford a classic LED recessed spotlight.

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Connected recessed LED spotlights: the lighting revolution

You're probably wondering what a connected recessed LED spotlight is. Well, it is above all a smart spotlight, a latest generation light dedicated to interior decoration. It's a device that works through wifi and Bluetooth, so the user doesn't need to go anywhere to do anything. There are different models with interesting features for users. For example, you can choose a connected oval or round recessed LED spotlight. I personally like the adjustable models because they diffuse the light in several directions.

Use of the luminaire in 3ème millennium

The connected LED recessed spotlight is the equipment designed for smart home. It allows you to remotely control the installation you have made in the bedroom, office and others. Thus, this spotlight obeys a smartphone, a remote control, a tablet and/or a voice. Adjustments such as light intensity, orientation, colour and saturation of your spotlight are made using your smartphone or speaking with an audible voice.


It is also possible to select the colour temperature directly on your smartphone. The connected recessed LED spotlight is a lighting that adapts to the realities of the new era: it is easy to use and accessible to a large number of people, as today everyone uses connected equipment.

You can also use your connected LED recessed spotlight via an app that you download from Google Play or the App Store. After downloading, simply follow the instructions.

Where can this equipment be installed?

You can install the connected recessed LED spotlight in any room you want. You just need to recess them either on the ceiling or on the furniture. So, from the living room to the bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen and office; you just have to choose the right models and it's done. It's a great opportunity to have modernised lighting with intelligent technology in all areas of the house.

Protection class

This parameter is of interest to many users, as the connected recessed LED spotlight is a device that uses the internet. The model of connected recessed LED spotlight that I tested has an IP54 protection rating. This means it can be used in a bathroom, garage, kitchen or cellar. So you have nothing to worry about when installing a connected recessed LED spotlight in a damp area; you just need to choose the right rating for the room in which the spotlight will be installed.

Economical, ecological and durable equipment

Connected recessed LED spotlights have a low energy consumption. Unlike ordinary lamps, LED spotlights consume less electricity. The Wifi and Bluetooth technologies of the connected recessed LED spotlight allow the user to save even more energy. Now you can save all the energy wasted due to the laziness of getting up to go to the switch.

Recessed LED spotlight

These devices produce little or no heat. The use of these devices is therefore strictly environmentally friendly. The connected recessed LED spotlights are made of solid materials that make them extremely durable. I really liked the solidity of the model I tested; it is both rigid and practical. The connected LED recessed spotlight has been in my daughter's room for quite some time and has not shown any signs of wear or malfunction. I have come to the conclusion that it has a maximum life span. Most users only invest in this type of lighting once for a long period of time.

Sophisticated device in a special design

The finishes and designs of the connected recessed LED spotlight add a nice modern touch to your decoration. Indeed, these have been carefully crafted in a beautiful design. When you install it in your living room, you will automatically notice a change in the look of your decoration. It beautifies, enhances and improves the view of the exhibitions in the living room.

Price range

Contrary to what users think, connected recessed LED spotlights are not expensive. I found myself at a loss when faced with the many models available on the sites. To buy a connected LED recessed spotlight, you need to budget between 3.99 and 200 euros. It's important to note that prices vary depending on the model and options. The price range remains accessible to all pockets.

Overview of classic and connected recessed LED spotlights

connected led spotlight

Classic recessed LED spots and connected recessed LED spots are both economical and environmentally friendly lights. They have many of the same advantages, except that connected recessed LED spots operate via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or even an app.

Range of colours

With classic recessed LED spotlights and connected recessed LED spotlights, users can choose from a wide range of colours. Connected or classic, you can select the colour you like depending on the part of the house you are in. Personally, I love cool white in my office because it brings an inexplicable softness to the room. I use other colours in the living room and bedroom for a rather warm and friendly atmosphere. These two types of appliances give you that possibility.

Adjustable or fixed

As much as there are classic fixed recessed LED spotlight models, there are also fixed connected recessed LED spotlight models. The same applies to adjustable spotlights.

Arrangements for installing a conventional or connected LED recessed spotlight

First of all, switch off the power supply. Then check that there is no voltage. Drill the holes for the spotlights. This is done with a hole saw. The holes must be the same size and shape as the spotlight to be installed. This is not necessary, but I recommend that you install a spotlight cover. Then connect the LED recessed spot to the power supply. Place the recessed LED spotlight in the hole and fold back the spring clips. Screw your bulb correctly onto the base of the socket.

Overall opinion

From my experience with the classic recessed LED spotlights and the connected recessed LED spotlights, I can confirm that they are perfect types of lighting for any type of user. They are economical and easy to use, especially the connected recessed LED spotlight which you can operate remotely. The materials, the LED technology and the excellent lighting level are parameters that particularly appealed to me. I would recommend these spotlights to others without hesitation because, in addition to their wonderful performance, they are available at very affordable prices.

The choice between the classic recessed LED spotlight and the connected recessed spotlight depends on your needs. The only difference between these devices is in the way they are used. One is used via an internet connection, Bluetooth, a remote control or an application and the other is used manually. Don't hesitate any longer, you are bound to have one of these devices.

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