LED ceiling spotlight for living room, bathroom or kitchen

First of all, the LED ceiling spotlight in the kitchen has become very fashionable. This modern lighting has many advantages, including saving space compared to a traditional pendant. Also, for reasons of comfort and aesthetics, the living room light should be functional and appropriate to the design of your home. And we all know that the bathroom is a real living space where we like to take care of ourselves. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to its decoration and design.

Les meilleurs spots LED plafond pour salon, salle de bain ou cuisine de 2024

Beyond design and decoration, lighting has an undeniable impact on the comfort of these spaces, and plays a crucial role. However, finding the best LED ceiling spotlight for each of these rooms can quickly become a challenge. This guide can help; I've included the best information. Here are some tips to help you buy an inexpensive indoor LED spotlight.

How to choose the LED spotlight for the ceiling?

Firstly, the type of LED spotlight you choose is determined by your lighting needs and your installation constraints. Clearly, the spotlight to be used to light a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen, will not be the same. After defining the framework of the installation, it is essential to pay attention to the constraints such as the depth of the recess, for example. Secondly, I will illustrate the advantages of this type of accessory.

What are the benefits?

At first, ceiling lights had a reputation for consuming a lot of energy, but LED bulbs have changed all that. An LED spotlight can run for tens of thousands of hours without breaking down. Estimates range from about 3 to 15 years of continuous use. The ceiling spotlight is becoming an increasingly popular lighting system among luminaires.

decorative ceiling with LED spotlight

And on the one hand, it has a number of advantages, including its small size, efficiency and functionality, as well as its subtle and unobtrusive nature and design. Ceiling spotlights can be found in any room. For example, the main lighting in a living room, dining room, hallway or kitchen can be provided, but this depends on the number of spots installed and the light output chosen. Some ceiling spots in the bathroom do not scare away the damp atmosphere of the house.

The different types of LED ceiling spots

Depending on the type of position, there are two main types of ceiling spotlights: recessed and track mounted.

Recessed spotlights : LED spotlights with or without a transformer. There is no heating, the consumption is low, but the power is limited, which requires the use of secondary lighting. They are only suitable for use in false ceilings with a minimum clearance of 10 cm.

This type of spotlight is available in different shapes: round, square or rectangular and extra-flat versions. This model is available with choices such as fixed, adjustable or telescopic options, as well as reflector and non-reflector options.

Rail or cable mounted spotlights: Unlike the recessed models, this model has less choice with functional, but very decorative lighting. These spotlights are suitable for all types of ceilings: hard or plasterboard. The installation is very easy and has no particular constraints.

But just how much does a ceiling spotlight cost?

On average, prices can vary from 15€ to 50€. However, the cost varies depending on the type of spotlight you choose. However, the installation of a ceiling spotlight is not simple, as it requires the use of a false ceiling and electrical connections. The prices of spotlights can sometimes be very high.

You can find more details in the following contents.

LED ceiling spotlight for a living room

The first question that comes to mind is usually, "What style of lighting should I choose for my living room?"

The first tip is to use "warm" lighting to illuminate the whole room. The best light source is one that has a long reach.

What is it? What is it for?

The ceiling spotlight is a set of several spotlights that are mounted on the ceiling to illuminate a room. As the spotlights are adjustable, you can choose between direct and indirect lighting. It can be very decorative (in the form of an arch or a spiral) or very simple (in the form of a line or a set of spots on a base).

A square LED spotlight model

Advantages of using LED ceiling spotlight for living room

At first glance, installing LED spotlights in your living room adds a modern touch to your decor. They stand out from a traditional ceiling or hanging light. Also, these lights are ideal for creating a bright, refined and modern environment. Square or round, mounted at an angle on your wall or fixed to the ceiling, you will have perfect lighting in any room of the house. Not only are they stylish, but they are also simple to install.

You can also ask yourself how many spots you need to install in the ceiling.

How many spotlights should be installed?

When it comes to determining how much LED lighting you will need to achieve a well-lit environment, there are some basic rules of thumb. To begin with, determine the area of the room in square metres. To get this area, multiply the length by the width of the room. Finally, calculate the number of lumens. A lumen is a unit of measurement of light. The most important factor in your decision is your personal preference for light. If you want your living room to be very bright, you can add 10 to 20 % more to the average figures.

Price range for the kitchen ceiling LED spotlight

Here are some examples of current LED ceiling spotlight ranges.

Round recessed LED spotlights  price from 25€. You can find a kit that includes ten replaceable spotlights and LED modules and 3000 Kelvin: warm white light, more neutral than incandescent light, universal application. The supply voltage is 230 V and does not require a transformer. This model has a simple adjustment of the light by means of adjustable spot heads.

Ceiling spots with a square design Price from 36€. With a depth of only 2,88cm, this square ceiling light with dimensions of 293x293mm is elegant and contemporary with its silver finish. It is suitable for any room: a living room, a bedroom. Compared to conventional bulbs, LED technology guarantees exceptional energy savings of up to 80 %.

LED Ceiling Downlight Model

LED ceiling spotlight for the kitchen

The kitchen is a multifunctional space where people cook, eat and drink. The lighting strategy in this room must be adapted to these various activities. Therefore, you will need to find a kitchen lighting system that is both pleasant and practical. To illuminate your entire kitchen, you will need to elevate your lighting fixtures. LED panels, recessed spotlights and sloping ceilings offer soft, diffused light.

The location

You have many options when it comes to LED ceiling lighting in your kitchen. It is possible to place the spots above the worktop, for example above the lever or above the table (in this case, consider using dimmable spotlights such as LEDs). Keep in mind that the kitchen requires an average light level of 300 lux, which is general lighting. However, set the brightness to 500 lux to adequately illuminate the work areas.

Price range for the LED ceiling spotlight

There are many varieties of LED kitchen ceiling spotlights on the market. Their availability is determined by the stock of the shop you select. Here are some examples:

Recessed LED spotlights, prices from €35. This is a very high quality LED spotlight model. There are latest generation models with retro design, diffuser, and warm white colour temperature of 3000 Kelvin.

Recessed ceiling spotlight price from 66€. This product is available in white, for example, with a supply voltage of 230 V. The lamp holders are GU10 variant, high voltage and can be tilted, which allows you to adjust the direction of your lighting.

LED ceiling spotlight for the kitchen

LED ceiling spotlight for the bathroom

The importance of good bathroom lighting cannot be overstated. It not only reduces the risk of slipping, but also the chances of making mistakes when shaving and applying make-up. But that's not all: good bathroom lighting transforms this utilitarian space into a haven of relaxation where you can unwind and forget the stresses of the day.

Why choose a spotlight in the bathroom?

The aim is to define the space around the toilet accurately and efficiently. Ideal with a light that flattens the skin tone! There are several options. There are adjustable positions above the mirror.

Furthermore, with a bathroom location, you can choose your layout, including your lighting. You can even make patterns with the spots once they have been installed. It's a matter of taste. I recommend that you only use white for your bathroom lighting. This is important for the modernity of the space as well as for its user-friendliness, if not for your comfort of use.

Price rangex for the LED ceiling spotlight in the bathroom

Just like the spotlights in the living room or kitchen, the bathroom also finds its place in the LED spotlight models for the ceiling. Here are some examples:

LED bathroom ceiling light with 3 or 4 spotsThe price starts at 47€. The universal design of this model allows you to get the best quality in all your outfits. Those who wish to acquire one should look for a lamp that is both stylish and safe. Indeed, with an IP44 rating, it is perfectly protected against water splashes. You don't have to worry about any kind of accident caused by moisture.

LED Ceiling Light that is waterproof If you are looking for the best bathroom ceiling spotlight on the market, this is the one for you. It's a modern 24W bulb is the equivalent of a 150W incandescent lamp, and it can provide the brightness you want while saving energy. The light distribution is perfectly homogeneous, with no blind spots on the entire surface of the bulb.

Mini spotlights for the bathroom

There are also mini recessed spotlights suitable for the bathroom

Recessed LED spotlight  From €29, low tilt. Made of metal material, 250V, 450 lumens and IP44 for example.

Mini LED recessed transformer spotlightThis model is available in white, grey or black. This model is available in white, grey or black. The colours of the LED light are: warm white (3000 Kelvin), normal white (4000 - 4500 Kelvin) or cool white (6000 - 6500 Kelvin).

There is also a very interesting 6W model that is very easy to install and replace. So that the socket you will use is standard and the wiring head is secure.

A practical and attractive lighting system is an essential element of stylish and functional interior design. Not only does it improve visibility in any room of the house, but it also has the ability to create atmosphere and enhance the best elements of your interior design. It is not always easy to choose the ideal lighting accessories to make each room unique.


In conclusion, the recessed spotlight is a contemporary luminaire that can be used in any room of the house as well as outdoors. It can meet any lighting need, whether it is to create a unique atmosphere or to provide main lighting to a specific area. However, the following details are crucial when choosing a good LED ceiling fixture.

LED technology is constantly evolving. In order to provide a sufficient amount of light, less and less energy needs to be used. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the light output in relation to the illuminating surface. It is also advisable to think about the durability of the product.

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