Extra flat recessed LED spotlight

Do you need elegant and discreet lighting for your ceiling? Choose the extra-flat recessed LED spotlights. They are compact and slim accessories that fit comfortably in your living room, hallway, entrance, kitchen, bathroom or office. Our LEDs provide well-distributed and directed light. Discover in this buying guide all the tips to choose your recessed LED spotlights.

The 5 best extra-flat recessed LED spotlights in 2024

The different types of recessed spotlights

Recessed LED spotlight

Like normal recessed spotlights, the ultra-flat recessed models are available in a variety of colours, shapes and designs. One of the characteristics of the range of cheap indoor LED spotlights is whether it is adjustable or fixed.

It should be noted that recessed spotlights are made of different materials, each of which offers its own advantages:

  • The aluminium spotlights are ultra-light, modern and aesthetic.
  • Stainless steel spotlights suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • The glass spotlights are stylish and elegant.
  • Plastic spotlights are very practical and affordable.

Fixed recessed spotlights

As the name suggests, fixed recessed spotlights emit light according to the angle of the LED bulb. In other words, you can no longer adjust the direction of the light beam once the ceiling light is installed.

Adjustable recessed spotlights

In contrast to the previous version, this equipment has a rotation axis placed on the bulb holder. This option makes it easy to direct the beam of light from one side to the other. In this way, you can highlight a specific element of your decoration. Recessed spotlights can also be used to illuminate a specific area such as a work surface, a reading corner, a picture in a corridor, etc.

The most common shapes of recessed spotlights

Recessed spotlights are available in several formats: round, square, rectangular, etc. So you have a wide choice depending on the style of your interior decoration.

The extra flat white spotlights

This dowlight features an extremely slim design. Equipped with LED technology, this spotlight provides optimal warmth and a soft, light illumination. This equipment is recommended for commercial premises. But you can also install it in your home.

Extra-flat round spotlights

Made from a light but robust alloy steel, this round LED spotlight has a life of 30,000 hours. CE certified and rated A+, it will brighten up the interior of your enclosure for years to come.

Extra-flat square spotlights

This accessory is less often found in interiors although it offers an ultra modern design. With its extra-flat appearance, this model has a shallow installation depth. It fits perfectly into any ceiling.

Extra-flat dimmable LED spotlights

To decorate your ceilings elegantly, opt for a dimmable spotlight. In addition to being discreet and space-saving, this model allows you to vary the intensity of the light according to your needs and the area to be lit. By adopting this flat spotlight, you can emphasise such a department without having to change the entire lighting installation.

How to calculate the ideal power of a recessed spotlight?

LED recessed spotlight

Generally, the power of the LED spotlight depends on the type of room to be highlighted and the desired brightness. Moreover, the lighting of a hallway is different from that of a bedroom. To define the power of your spotlight, refer to the lighting of the room in question.

Electrical power

Expressed in Watts, the electrical power is an important criterion not to be underestimated. This index refers to the energy required by the bulb to provide light. The higher the value, the higher the energy consumption. But, as we already know, LED lamps consume less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Luminous flux

This is also a key point that determines the power of the spotlight. It is the amount of light energy emitted by the source in all directions in a fraction of a second. The lumen is therefore the capacity of the lamp to illuminate a place. The higher the value, the more intense the light.

To find out exactly how much light you need, consider the height of your ceiling, the area to be lit and the colour of the walls. A luminous flux of 200 lux is sufficient to illuminate a living room, 100 lux for a bedroom and 300 lux for lighting a kitchen.

The calculation itself

Once you have determined the basis for your calculation, then move on to the number of lumens by multiplying the number of lux by the area to be lit. As a reminder, 1 lux is equivalent to 1 lumen per square metre. Therefore, for a living room of 30 m2In the case of a downlight, you need 3,000 lumens. In this case, you would need to buy 6 x 5W downlights with 500 lumens each or 10 x 3W spotlights with 300 lumens each. 

However, this calculation is for illustrative purposes only, and is simply a basis to guide you. Sometimes you will need to adjust the data to suit your needs. If you want to get a bright light, increase the lux value. If you want to have a soft atmosphere, decrease the illuminance value. This type of lighting is perfectly suited to other additional light sources such as a floor lamp or a table lamp.

The strengths of LED recessed spotlights

LED recessed spotlight 2

A modern light that can be adapted to any room in the house, the recessed spotlight creates a special atmosphere and provides the main lighting for a room. In this section, let's talk about the advantages of this LED ceiling light:

A very aesthetic spotlight

This type of spotlight is a decorative element to give a new look to your interior. Unlike chandeliers, pendant lamps and other ceiling lights, this accessory requires very little space in height. If you opt for the extra-flat version, it is even more discreet.

The majority of recessed spotlights emit an outstanding quality of light. And the result is absolutely stunning. It is a pleasant and modern light source. Nevertheless, you can choose the material of the bezel according to your interior design. Stainless steel and aluminium have a contemporary feel, while glass offers an elegant design.

A space-saving product

As you already know, the recessed spotlight does not take up much space in the house. That's why it's perfect for small rooms. This accessory optimises space without compromising your overall decoration. By dressing up your shower room with LED recessed spotlights you won't run the risk of banging your head against your lights. 

Moreover, you will never be cramped for space. To make the most of your space, we recommend that you buy a panel of extra-flat recessed spotlights in specialist DIY shops.  

A multifunctional luminaire

Recessed spotlights are versatile and multifunctional. This means that you can install them in the dining room, kitchen, bedroom, living room or in the living room. And that's not all, they can also be used on stairs, in the hallway and on furniture. Some people use them to light and decorate the terrace, the swimming pool, etc.

Similarly, many well-known companies prefer to use white or neutral LED spotlights as the light source for their premises. This equipment is an all-purpose lighting solution that can be adapted to all types of spaces without any difficulty. Anyone can use it and integrate an LED lamp. 

An economical light source

Equipped with an LED bulb, the recessed spotlight consumes very little electricity. It provides exactly the same light output as a spotlight with a halogen lamp. However, it has a longer lifespan and saves more money in the long run. You should also know that most recessed spotlights never overheat. This is why they are often installed on false ceilings. Finally, when it is switched on, its temperature does not exceed 35°C.

How to install recessed spotlights?

In recent years, recessed LED spotlights have invaded interior spaces. In addition to being completely discreet, they are compatible with any style of decoration. But to get the best possible light, you need to know how to install it. Here are some ideas on where to put a recessed spotlight:

In a false ceiling

In general, all recessed spotlights are installed in a false ceiling. But before installing them, you should start by defining the location of each spotlight and the distance between it and the others. To ensure that no metal accessories are present in the false ceiling, first use a metal detector. Next, drill a hole with a hole saw to the diameter specified by the manufacturer. Place the junction box in the false ceiling, insert the power cable and install the spotlight. All that remains is to screw in the bulb and push in the fixing ring.

In an insulated ceiling

The method used is almost the same as the previous one. However, you need an additional device to prevent the spotlight from coming into direct contact with the insulation installed between the ceiling and the false ceiling. Even though LED lamps do not generate heat, the base can get hot as it contains a transformer. To install a spotlight properly in the ceiling, cover the socket of your luminaire with a spotlight cover. This ensures that the insulation and the luminaire are perfectly separated from the ceiling.

Under the roof

When recessed spotlights are installed outdoors, they are often placed under the roof or in a sparrow cover. The installation principle is the same as for spotlights placed in a false ceiling. Since outdoor luminaires are exposed to the elements, you should choose a recessed luminaire with an IP44 rating, protection against solid objects larger than 1 mm in diameter and against water splashes.

In a low ceiling

Extra-flat LED spotlights are luminaires that can be integrated into low ceilings. This type of ceiling cannot accommodate other standard size spots because of its rather low height. With a GU10 ceiling spotlight, for example, the height of the spotlight with socket and bulb is 9 cm. This height will be reduced by 30 % if you choose the extra-flat LED spotlights.

Rules for recessed spotlights

LED spotlight in a house

To avoid problems, there are certain rules to follow when embedding your spotlights in a ceiling or in a piece of furniture.

Halogen spotlights require a false ceiling of at least 10 cm in height. This will prevent the room from overheating and allow for better air circulation.

If you have insulation in the false ceiling, it must not come into contact with the spotlight. Use bells to create a gap between the spotlight and the insulation.

For furniture recessed spotlights, make sure they are suitable for this type of installation.


The LED recessed spotlight is also known as a downlight. It is an indispensable element in interior design, but also for lighting. Easy to install, this equipment is suitable for all rooms in the house. Buy your product online to light your personal and professional spaces in a different way.

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