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Last autumn I started renovating my house. Initially, I only wanted to insulate the attic to remedy the heat loss from this space under the roof of the house. I also planned to change the windows, which were getting old, from double to triple glazing. At the end of this work, I felt that my home lacked a gentle Zen atmosphere, despite the flower pots that adorned it and the vanilla home perfume diffuser that gave off a fine, pleasant scent.

I decided to replace the fluorescent lights in some rooms of the house with directional LED spotlights. This was a great choice, as these contemporary design lights have transformed these areas by giving them a cosy look. In this article, I'll show you my comparison and advice on the best price for adjustable LED spotlights.

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What is a directional LED spotlight?

The LED spotlight is a lamp or luminaire that uses the innovative LED (Light-Emitting Diode) technology. For choosing the right indoor LED spotlightsIt is important to be aware of the different types of LEDs.


The LED DIP or in-line dual package LED is the very first of the light emitting diodes. Due to its low light output, it is mainly used as an indicator in many electronic devices and household appliances.

The SMD DEP and the High-Power LED

The SMD (Surface Mounting Device) LED offers better brightness than the previous one. It is the most popular and widely used type of LED. For the same power consumption as the Dip LED, it provides more lumens (80 lumens/watt). The SMD LED comes in different sizes and wattages. It is equipped with the RGB system (Red, Green, Blue) and can be used to combine a variety of colours. The High-Power LED is even more efficient than the SMD LED, although it produces more heat.


COB (Chip on Board) LEDs represent the top of the LED range as they are very powerful and offer unparalleled light intensity. It is popular in spotlights and indoor LED bulbs because it easily generates more than 100 lumens/watt at an intermediate angle of 80°. Its resistance to voltage variations is one of its strengths. The latest LED Chip On Board technology, the COB filament LED has the same luminous efficacy, reliability and stability as the COB LED. Its greatest advantage is its 360° intermediate angle.

Adjustable LED spotlight

Now that you have more details on the different LED technologies, you should know that the adjustable LED spotlight is a luminaire whose LED bulb holder is equipped with a rotation axis that allows the light beam to be directed a few degrees to one side or the other.

In fact, directional LED spotlights, also known as directional LED spotlights, create localised or targeted lighting in a defined area (region). With these spots, the light is directed exactly where you want it. This is precisely what differentiates them from fixed LED spots. Once installed, the direction of the light beam remains exchanged. It is no longer adjustable. The light is emitted exclusively according to the beam angle of the LED bulb.

What are the advantages of a directional LED spotlight?

The directional LED spotlight provides light directly to a specific area. It can be used as an accent light or as the main light. It is both an efficient and aesthetic light. It can be installed in all living areas of the house.

In my house there are LED spotlights everywhere: on the terrace, in the living room, in the bedrooms, in the bathrooms and in the kitchen. I particularly like the LED spots in the kitchen. This is the place where my family and I like to cook and share meals together. We cherish these moments in our kitchen. That's why I opted for directional LED spotlights in this space, which has become a real living room, to give it a soft, warm and soothing atmosphere.

LED spotlight, black

Since we have a large American-style kitchen, a set of 8 extra-flat adjustable LED spotlights were fixed to the ceiling. An adjustable LED spotlight was also placed above the worktop. To light only our long dining table, we chose a combination of 4 adjustable LED spotlights with very moderate intensity to avoid glare when we are at the table. For the bathrooms, we also opted for waterproof LED spotlights that can be recessed into the ceiling.

We don't even have to turn on all the lights, just the ones that face the area where we need the light (above the shower cubicle for example). Please note! If you also want to use directional LED spotlights in wet rooms or any other wet rooms, make sure that they have an IP rating against water splashes from all directions. For strong water jets, an IP65 or IP66 is required.

The various adjustable LED spotlights we installed are very discreet and not at all bulky. Their modern, luxurious and sleek design enhances the interior decoration. Whether you have a contemporary, minimalist, Scandinavian, rustic, transitional or French country style home, the directional LED spotlights blend in perfectly with any decor.

In addition, LED spotlights are very economical compared to halogen or compact fluorescent spotlights. Adopting them means considerably reducing your energy bill because they consume less energy thanks to the light-emitting diodes. For a luminous flux of equal intensity to that of a traditional lighting, the LED spotlight operates at a lower power. Generally, LED lights are of low voltage (12 V for a GU5.3 LED spot and 200 V for a GU.10 LED spot).

Similarly, the power of LED spotlights varies between 3 and 18 W. Per watt consumed, the unit of luminous flux (lumens) used ranges from 40 to 80. The lifetime of LED spotlights is very high (between 30,000 and 50,000 hours). Another important advantage of these spots is that they produce very little heat. The temperature of the LED spotlight is estimated at 35°. So there is no need to worry about burning during installation. And you know the best thing about the LED spotlight? It does not emit ultraviolet light. It's an environmentally friendly product.

What are the different types of adjustable LED spotlights?

Several models of adjustable LED spotlights are available on the market.

The ceiling light

The ceiling light is one of the most popular adjustable LED spotlights. It consists of 3 to 5 spots. It is ideal for lighting an entire room such as a living room. The spotlight rail, also known as the bar, is becoming more and more popular in the home. It has 2 to 3 spots in a row that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. This adjustable LED spotlight is perfect for use as accent lighting.

The wall lamp

The wall light is a directional LED spotlight consisting of a bracket with a single spotlight. As the name implies, it is a wall mounted spotlight. The wall light is designed to illuminate a specific area or region of a room. If I want to work at home on my desk, a wall light is installed to specifically light it. If you have a small reading area in your living room that lacks lighting, you can have a wall light installed to bring light to that area.

Other variants

Other variants of the adjustable LED spotlight are the track spotlight and the cable spotlight. Thanks to its lighting track, the former can be moved on the track. It is a directional LED spotlight that can be adjusted according to the lighting requirements. The LED track spot can be mounted on the ceiling or wall. The cable mounted LED spotlight is a group of several small spots connected by two electric cables. A 12 V transformer is required to distribute the electrical current to the various spots.

To illuminate products in a display case or on a shelf, I recommend a directional LED recessed spot. Recessed LED spots are suitable for walls, ceilings and floors. They will make your products stand out more.

High quality directional spotlight.

Adjustable LED spotlights come in several shapes. The most common are square and round. A square directional LED spotlight is attractive and discreet. A shallow depth is sufficient to fit it in. It has an opaque reflector that provides a fine light. When the square LED spotlight is successfully recessed, it enhances your interior with modernity. As for the round LED spotlight, I find that it fits in with most interior styles as it is classic. The light emitted by the round LED spotlight is sober and evenly distributed throughout the area to be illuminated, which improves visual comfort. The rectangular LED spotlight is also very stylish.

What is the price range of a directional LED spotlight

The price of adjustable LED spotlights depends on several factors. These include the model, light output, angle of illumination, voltage, colour temperature and colour rendering index. In this regard, the LED spotlight produces different colours of light, including cool white, neutral white and warm white.

The material of manufacture is also an essential parameter. There are adjustable LED spotlights made of plastic, aluminium, (tempered) glass, stainless steel, etc. The colour of the finish of the LED spotlight is equally important. It can be black, white or even bronze. I like black because it can be combined with all colours, from neutral to bright. I think it looks very classy in a room. A good value LED spotlight can cost between 80 and 300 euros on average.

You can find adjustable LED spotlights in lighting shops, DIY stores and home improvement shops. Choose an LED spotlight that comes with an installation kit. Having the necessary materials at hand will make installation easier.

To buy your LED spotlight at the best price, you can turn to promotions and sales or buy LED spotlights by lot (3, 4, 6, 8, 12, ...). You can find some nuggets online. In fact, I bought most of the LED spotlights in the house online and had them delivered to my home. Don't hesitate to compare the best deals with a comparison tool to get your LED spotlight at the best price.

To sublimate your interiors and even your exteriors (facades, terraces, ...) trust the LED spotlight. With all these details, you will find the ideal spotlight at a cheap price.

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