How to repair an LED spotlight?

LED floodlights are undoubtedly high-performance lighting. They can optimally illuminate the interior and exterior of the house. They do emit a high level of light intensity. Despite their increased efficiency, there may be times when, like all things, they stop working properly. However, it should be noted that it is not always necessary to have them repaired by others in the event of problems. There are some breakdowns that you can solve yourself at home.

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What are the most common forms of LED floodlight failure?

Indeed, it is possible that after several years of use, LED lights may experience some malfunction. It should be noted that this can happen to all LED projector brands. There are several types of failure of these lights that can occur in general.

A frequent form of failure of these lights is the decrease in the intensity of the light they emit. This is because their brightness decreases as time goes by. If they are not properly repaired, they may stop working altogether.

On the other hand, it is also common for LED floodlights to flicker. This could absolutely obstruct your view and the view of passers-by if they are installed outside the house.

It can also happen that the lights suddenly stop working. This means that they no longer emit any light. This problem can affect both indoor and outdoor LED spotlights. This type of problem mainly concerns motion detectors.

How exactly does an LED spotlight works?

In order to repair an LED projector, it is necessary to have some knowledge of the device in general.

Despite the fact that there are many varieties of LED floodlights nowadays, there are some elements that are identical to all of them. These include the source of the electric current, the way the conductors are managed, the ways in which the electronic networks are converted as well as the voltage, the heat sink that dissipates the heat, the optical components, the elements for connecting the wires, the fixing of the housings.

repair LED projector

As for the operation of an LED projectorIt is more or less simple. The so-called power source emits electric current to the electronic board of the device. This then undergoes a certain conversion and passes to the LED bulbs. The latter, after receiving the converted electric current, emit the light flux. For more information, please read the FAQ.

How to solve the problem of dimming of an LED projector?

Dimming of an LED floodlight is a concern that can occur frequently. In general, it can be caused by an instability of the electric current. You can solve this problem yourself. The solution to this problem is to use a dimmer.

However, the installation of this component requires compliance with two specific conditions. The first is that the LED bulbs are of the "dimmable" type. Therefore, you should check this on the packaging. If you have already thrown them away, you can find out on the Internet by taking the references of the LED models.

The second condition is that the dimmer is well adapted to your bulbs. For this purpose, you are advised to choose a universal model. It is usually suitable for all types of LEDs. If one of these conditions is not met, it is impossible to increase the light intensity of the projector with a dimmer.

Repair LED spotlight

If not, you just need to install the dimmer. To do this, you will need to start by switching off the electricity. Then the switch, the cables to the mechanism and the mechanism itself should be removed. The connections to the dimmer mechanism should be made after this. Make sure that the red wire is on L and the other colour wire is on the symbol that is crossed out. The next step is to screw the wires to the component called connector. Then you just have to put the mechanism in the housing, screw it on and fix the cover plate.

Of course, in this kind of situation and in case these conditions are well respected but the device still does not work properly, you should get new LED bulbs and a new dimmer.

What to do when the LED spotlight is flashing?

There can be many causes for a flickering LED spotlight. In order to be able to repair the device, it is necessary to know the factor responsible for its malfunction.

Firstly, if your LED projector is flickering, it may be due to a problem with your electrical network, if the device is current-based. Indeed, these types of lights are more or less sensitive to various fluctuations in electrical current. Therefore, before dismantling the lighting, it is necessary that you review your electrical installations. It may be that the installations do not meet the various requirements or that the cables are damaged.

In such a situation, you will only have to check the circuit by replacing the projector with another specific device. Make sure that the latter is still working properly. If this one is also flickering, the problem is really with your electrical network. Another way to test the circuit is with a voltmeter. There is a problem with the network if no voltage is displayed on the meter. So, to remedy this problem, the whole circuit should be reviewed.

If the projector flickers when the switch is off, the problem could be the power cables. If these are installed too close together, the cable connected to the spotlight will generate a certain magnetic field when electric current flows through it. The electric current will then flow into the lighting. This is why the light continues to light up even if the switch is no longer in operation. It should be noted, however, that such a failure only occurs frequently with LED bulbs.  

To solve this kind of problem, you should equip the LEDs of the projector with a capacitor whose main role will be to absorb the excess current.

If your electrical system is not the cause of the problem, the flickering of the spotlight may also be due to a problem with the installation of the lighting. In order to remedy such a problem, you should first switch off the power supply to avoid incidents during the repair. Next, it is necessary to check the various installations. It is possible that the cables in the device are damaged or not well connected, the screws are not in place.

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It is therefore essential that you check each component of the device. Once you have identified the problem, you just have to solve it. Sometimes you may need to buy new components.

It should also be noted that the flickering of your LED light may be caused by damage to its transformer, if it has one. Indeed, this component is probably not of very good quality and this has caused some variation in the intensity of the light. It is therefore imperative to check this and replace it if necessary.

On the other hand, if your LED projector is equipped with a motion sensor, the flickering may be the result of the malfunction of this element. This may be because the sensor is not set up properly or has been disturbed by specific factors. Therefore, it is imperative that you check the way the sensor is installed. It is advisable to place it at a height of about three metres to avoid any obstruction.

If your projector is flickering, it could also be because the LEDs are damaged. Generally speaking, when one bulb malfunctions, the other LEDs may also stop working properly. This is due to the fact that they are connected in series. As a result, one bulb may deteriorate and cause your projector to flicker in general. It is therefore necessary to replace the lamp in order for the fixture to light up properly.  

How do I repair an LED projector that has completely stopped working?

Is your projector no longer lighting up when it was working fine a few hours ago? The problem may be due to three specific factors.

The first cause of an LED projector stopping working could be a problem with the electrical installation. You should therefore test it with another bulb with the same characteristics as those of the device. If it doesn't light up as well, the problem is actually in the electrical system. This should be remedied. The same applies to a solar LED floodlight. It may be that the photovoltaic panels are not working properly. The solution to this problem is to replace the panels.

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If your LED projector has suddenly stopped lighting up and the problem is not with the power supply, it is necessary to dismantle the device and check the components of the projector individually. It is possible that the malfunction is caused by damaged cables or burnt components. You should therefore take the time to view the projector in detail.

LEDs may be another cause of your projector's malfunction. To check if the bulbs are the problem, they should all be removed from the fixture. Then, the projector should be tested with other lamps of the same wattage as the LEDs as in the case of checking the electrical circuit. If they light up properly, then the bulbs should be replaced.

How to replace LED bulbs efficiently?

If your LED projector flickers or stops working and you have concluded that the problem is with your LEDs, you can replace your bulbs yourself. This is a simple operation to do. However, there are a few safety precautions to be taken to avoid any incidents. Before doing anything, it is imperative that you switch off the power. You are also advised to wear gloves to avoid burning yourself.

If the LED projector has a screw base, you only need to unscrew it counter-clockwise. To attach the new bulb, simply screw it in a clockwise direction.  

Repair LED projector

If your LED spotlight is recessed, you will need to remove the bracket to gain access to the socket and the transformer component. It is then necessary to remove the transformer and install the replacement socket. All that remains is for you to install your new LED bulb.

Please note that old LEDs should not be thrown away with your other everyday waste. There are special bins for these types of recyclable accessories.

Where can I find spare parts for a damaged LED floodlight?

You may be wondering where to find the various components needed to repair your projector, such as dimmers and spare parts like LED bulbs.

 Please note that there are nowadays many shops specialising in the sale of spare parts for all types of lighting. All you have to do is take the damaged components and present them to the sales staff so that they can identify the model number and then offer you new spare parts. It should be noted that there are shops that only sell components for LED lighting.

If you don't have time to go to the physical shops, you can find your spare parts on the Internet. There are several websites offering these types of products nowadays. You should check the part numbers and search using this information.


A malfunctioning LED projector can happen at any time. Even if it is a very good quality device, it can happen that it stops lighting up properly. You can do the repairs yourself, but if you have any doubts, you should call in a professional.


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