Lidl solar LED spotlight with sensor

A solar LED floodlight is an indispensable piece of equipment for the comfort of many people, given all the advantages it offers. There are various models available from different companies. For my part, I opted for the solar LED spotlight with sensor at Lidl. I must admit that it is a high-quality device with several other features that I invite you to discover. Read on.

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Lidl: a selection of the best solar LED spotlights with sensor

Solar powered LED floodlights are motion sensor devices that use solar energy as a power source to illuminate a space. They provide the ultimate in special lighting. At Lidl, you have access to a beautiful range of unique quality products. The same applies to solar LED spotlights with sensor. This is why, at thepurchase of solar LED spotlightI also chose Lidl. The model I bought is still performing well despite the number of years of use. Just look at the catalogue to select the solar LED spotlight you want.

Lidl offers well-stocked catalogues of solar LED spotlights with sensors that could be of interest to any type of customer. These catalogues are comparable to Outiror which also offers very good products at very low prices. You can therefore find models at Lidl that have different characteristics from those shown in this article, but are still good quality products.

Some features of the Lidl solar LED floodlights with sensor

The features I present here are specific to certain models. All the solar LED floodlights you will find at Lidl have been selected on the basis of their interesting performance and features.

At Lidl, users receive their solar-powered LED floodlight with sensor, complete with a 5 m cable, instructions, a stake and mounting hardware for some models. Customers benefit from an articulated solar panel with a built-in 3.7 V/4 Ah lithium ion battery. These properties give the projector a good resistance. With the Livarnolux model, the duration of the lighting can be adjusted. It varies from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. The luminous flux fluctuates depending on the model you choose.

The Lidl solar LED spotlight with sensor also has 2 lamps that can be rotated. You can tilt them separately. The motion detector of this device has a long range (from 1 to max 8m). You can therefore adjust the range to get the right effect. It is also equipped with a twilight sensor. The light level of the solar LED spotlight with sensor that I bought at Lidl surprises me every time I turn the device on. The light is instantaneous and maximum. My family and I really appreciate this feature.

How does a Lidl solar LED floodlight with sensor work?

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To help you understand, I will detail the operation of the Lidl solar LED floodlight with sensor in two phases based on my experience.

How a solar LED floodlight works

The device discussed in this article is primarily a solar LED spotlight. It uses solar energy to operate. It uses the photovoltaic panels it is equipped with to capture or absorb solar energy. This is done during the day. Once the energy is captured, it is stored in small batteries. In the evening, this energy is used to power the lights. Thus, this type of lighting allows you to illuminate the interior and exterior of your home without much effort.

Operation of the solar LED floodlight with sensor

A solar-powered LED floodlight with sensor automatically switches on when a presence is detected in the area of its installation. It is a security device that makes it possible to be aware of intrusions and the like.

For the models you will find at Lidl, you will find that the spotlight can be switched on automatically as soon as it gets dark. Movement can be detected up to 12 metres away for some models. So, Lidl solar LED floodlights with sensor are equipment that works both as a good light and a safety device that allows you to move without fear over a long distance.

Advantages of a solar LED floodlight with sensor

Advantages of a solar LED floodlight with sensor

Users benefit from many advantages.

A good guarantee

Lidl solar LED floodlights with sensor have a three-year guarantee. Lidl selects products of reliable quality for you. This is a great benefit for customers who have never bought a solar LED floodlight with sensor from Lidl before. These floodlights also have a protection rating that makes them resistant to knocks, shocks, water jets, wear and tear and dust. The model I use has an IP44 rating which makes it very waterproof. You can therefore install your projector in the garden without any risk of damage.

In order to guarantee a long service life, Lidl offers you these projectors with high-quality additional accessories. These accessories are compatible with the operating system of your projector.

Beautiful design

The design of the Lidl solar LED spotlights with sensor is very attractive. It blends in very quickly, especially if you have previously decorated the frame in which it is installed. I often use them for festive occasions in my garden and I must admit that the atmosphere created by this type of lighting is quite nice.


I can't talk about the advantages of Lidl's solar-powered LED floodlights with sensor without mentioning the practicality and economy.

All the solar LED spotlights with sensor that I bought from Lidl are easy to install and simple to use. To install it, for example, you fix it to the wall with screws: it can even be used as a wall decoration if you wish. It all depends on what you want to do with it. There is no need to make several connections like conventional light sources. Installation is done by amateurs, the services of a professional are not necessary.


The Lidl solar LED spotlight with sensor is very economical because it uses a free energy source. No need to spend huge amounts of money at the end of each month. It's a long-term investment that will benefit you for many years. And yes, the LEDs in these projectors provide about 40 hours of light, which is very good for maximum user satisfaction. You can save several euros with these floodlights as soon as you install them.

They do not require maintenance, so there is no need to spend money on them either. The usual bulbs can be changed 4-6 times more than the bulbs of the projector I am offering. Unexpected breakdowns are very rare with the Lidl solar LED floodlights with sensor.

Solar LED spotlight

Price range

Lidl offers several models of solar-powered LED floodlights with sensor at very low prices. The prices vary according to the user's choice. To buy a model from the Lidl catalogue, you need to spend at least 25 euros.

Overall opinion

Lidl is a leading supplier of high-quality, low-cost solar LED floodlights with sensor. It offers Livarno home solar LED floodlights with very interesting properties and good durability. These types of lighting are suitable for a garden, a terrace, a room and much more. They have an autonomy of 40,000 hours with lighting settings that allow you to choose what you need. The prices are accessible to all budgets.

The Lidl solar LED spotlight with sensor is a beautiful and powerful device. It has a sleek design, which allows it to blend in discreetly with the decor. It is waterproof and does not allow for wear and tear. The lighting is maximum, perfect and adjustable by the users. This is probably the projector you are looking for.

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