Where to buy your LED projector?

An LED floodlight is a lighting device comprising a group of LED lights. These can be installed on the ground or attached to structures such as buildings or trees to provide general lighting. They are typically used to illuminate car parks and other outdoor areas, as well as for security purposes.

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What are LED floodlights?

LED floodlights are obviously fixtures that use LED lamps rather than conventional lamps using halogen or metal halide lamps. Most LEDs are known for their robustness and brightness, as they do not produce as much waste heat as other types of bulbs, which shortens their life.

At the turn of the millennium, LEDs and DLP projectors became standard lighting solutions for homes, flats, workplaces and commercial buildings. They have replaced fluorescent lamps. With LED lighting, the quality of the projection images is guaranteed.

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Why buy LED lighting?

An LED light is a device that produces a bright white light with a wide beam. As a result, LED floodlights are used in a variety of locations, including stadiums, residential exteriors, playgrounds and warehouses.

These devices have a number of advantages, especially over incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps or conventional halogen lamps. Here are the main advantages in case you need further convincing.


LED floodlights are incredibly robust. LED lighting is known for its robustness and long life compared to traditional lamps. These bulbs can live up to ten times longer than incandescent, halogen or fluorescent bulbs on average. If you decide to install an LED floodlight, I assure you that you will not have to think about replacing it for many years.

Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED projectors do not die suddenly. They become progressively dimmer, which alerts you that the bulb needs to be changed. Overall, LED floodlights save a lot of money and help entrepreneurs who run stadiums or warehouses to pay back their loans.

Less heat emissions

One of the main problems of ordinary projectors is their energy consumption, which is largely converted into heat. This heat is then lost to the atmosphere. In contrast, the LED floodlight retains its full brightness while emitting no heat. These lamps are ideal for use in cold rooms or other storage areas, as they do not cause the temperature to rise.

Low maintenance and replacement costs

LED floodlights are robust, waterproof and durable. By eliminating the need for maintenance and bulb replacement, users save a ton of money, time and effort. The bulb coatings are strong and unbreakable, making them resistant to breakage.

Safety standard

One of the safest lighting solutions is LED lighting. One of the reasons for this is the absence of heat generation, which reduces the risk of electrical accidents and fires. Another is the absence of breakable filaments. These filaments, which serve as the light source for other lamps, are fragile.

Production of bright white light

LED floodlights emit a white beam of light that is very similar to the sun. This makes it very easy to see and find objects. Their use in stadiums gives spectators the impression that shows or games are taking place in daylight.

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LED projector online shops

If you search the Internet, you can find countless online companies. But are they all trustworthy? Here are some online retailers with a proven track record. It's up to you to choose your projector based on what you want:


Selecting a high quality LED projector that meets both our needs and those of our children is never easy. To help you make the best decision, Amazon is one of the best online shops for buying household goods.

Amazon is the world's largest online retailer and a leading provider of cyber computing services. Amazon was originally an online bookstore, but has since grown to become an online company specialising in e-commerce, cloud computing.

At Amazon.co.uk, only high quality LED spotlights and lights from reputable manufacturers are available. What matters is that they offer you a distinctive selection of beautiful lamps. Their goal is to offer everyone the opportunity to find something of quality. What's more, with Amazon, you don't have to worry about going anywhere, as they will arrange for them to be delivered to you.


Castorama, a French department stores', specialises in DIY and home repairs. You will find hardware, insulation materials, storage, furnishings, lighting, sanitaryware, appliances and even a garden.

CastoramaFounded by Christian Dubois in the late 1960s, the company was the first to sell DIY tools and supplies to the general public. With 92 shops in France and a turnover of over €2 billion in 2020, the company was acquired by the British group Kingfisher in 2001.

Thanks to Castorama, you can enjoy your outdoor spaces to the full, day and night. You will find outdoor wall lights for all tastes, whether they are traditional or modern, unique or vintage, coloured or in stainless steel. A large choice of LED spotlights is available at Castorama.


Founded in December 1998 by brothers Hervé, Christophe and Nicolas Charle, Cdiscount.com is a simple retailer of second-hand CDs and DVDs. The company extended its offer to the sale of electronic products in 2001, household appliances in 2007, wines the same year, furniture and decoration in 2008, and games and products for children in 2009. But today, Cdiscount has become the reference in all product sectors.

With the LED headlamps offered on CdiscountYou can enjoy the beauty of your garden by day and night. Make a good impression on your friends by installing solar powered bollards or driveway lights.

With LED lighting, you don't have to worry about safety. By using LED outdoor lighting, you can reduce your electricity costs, as an LED system can use up to 18 times less energy than an ordinary bulb. So why not enjoy a lit up garden all year round with Cdiscount, the leading e-commerce site?

Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin is a DIY, gardening and decoration company. The company is a public limited company and is part of the Adeo organisation. Founded in 1923 by Adolphe and Rose Merlin, the company has its headquarters in Lezennes, in the Hauts-de-France region.

In the field of DIY, Leroy Merlin is a safe bet. Its shelves have a wide range of references and everything is available to complete your projects from start to finish. From construction to decoration.

Leroy Merlin is more than just a home improvement centre. The company has grown internationally by visiting potential customers in their homes. If you are looking for high quality LED floodlights at the best price, you should visit at Leroy Merlin.

As a local company, Leroy Merlin is committed to providing the best possible service by working with the customer at every stage of the process, from design to completion.


The German retailer Lidl was founded in 1930. It is part of the Schwarz Group and is present in 26 different countries. Lidl initially focused on low-price products before gradually changing its focus to include major brands. Today, Lidl generates around 80 million euros in revenue.

Although it is a necessity, lighting in a house also adds atmosphere and comfort. In the Lidl online store, you will find a wide range of lighting products. There is a wide choice of LED spotlights. The light source itself is also available here, with options for energy-saving LED and incandescent bulbs.

In France, Lidl is one of the largest supermarket chains. Its customers are always attracted by the high quality products that the company offers at competitive prices.

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What colours for your LED lighting?

LED projectors are capable of producing an infinite spectrum of colours from a small number of coloured LEDs with variable intensity! There are billions of colours to choose from in the larger models. White is enough for some. You can be sure that your projector can reproduce the colours you need for your events, in accordance with your corporate design.

LED spotlight in cool white

The colour temperature of cool white most faithfully reproduces the colours of objects in bright light. The almost bluish appearance of this bright light makes it attractive to precision workers who like LED spotlights.

LED spotlights in neutral white

Neutral white is closer to natural light and is suitable for everyday use. This is because it does not strain the eyes. Whether indoors or outdoors, it is very popular.

Warm white LED spotlights

The warmest colour temperature, leaning towards yellow-orange, is warm white. It is frequently used to illuminate the facades of terraces or balconies with LED spotlights. It makes these areas warm and inviting even at night.

LED RGB spotlights

To get the right lighting in your outdoor area, you will need to use RGB LED floodlights! These vibrant lights will bring a festive touch to any location and are perfect for lighting your celebrations with a rainbow of hues. Plus, you can easily change the colour of your LED lights, as they are often remote controlled!

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What types of LED floodlights are there?

The LED floodlight is available in fixed, spiked or portable variants and can be set or unset to illuminate different areas according to your needs. It can also be equipped with or without a motion detector. Here are the three main types of LED floodlights on the market.

The single high intensity projector

Those looking for powerful lighting for their property can use the high-intensity floodlight alone. The area towards which it is directed will be effectively illuminated by this device. According to customer feedback and comparative tests, a high-intensity floodlight should be placed over an opening, such as a door, window or bay window.

This floodlight can also be attached to the frame of a pergola or to the eaves. This is useful, as this floodlight can usually be switched on with a traditional switch or a remote control. Please note that the mounting kit for this floodlight also includes a base, screws and dowels.

It should just be noted that the reputation of the brand influences the quality of the projectors. Unlike entry-level products, which have a short lifespan, high-end products last a very long time.

Pole mounted LED spotlight

What makes this spotlight different is the way it is installed. As the name suggests, this light is designed to be installed on a stake that is to be buried in the ground near a bush or at the foot of a slope. The function of this gadget is purely decorative and is just for environmental lighting.

In contrast to the single high-intensity spotlight, the pole-mounted spotlight provides a soft light. It is often used to indicate paths.

The LED motion detector spotlight

The motion-sensing floodlight incorporates a sensor that only turns on the light when it detects a physical presence on the property. In addition to providing independent lighting, this group of floodlights also contributes to energy savings.

With this type of projector, movement is detected by radar, infrared or security cameras with automatic start. The only disadvantage of the motion detector projector is that it can cause disturbances in the surrounding area.

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How to choose it?

The best LED floodlight for outdoor use will depend on individual needs and preferences. However, there are a few things to consider.

The power

The power is the first factor you should consider when making comparisons. The more powerful the LED projector, the more light it will emit. The power of a spotlight generally varies between 10 and 500 W. Lights between 10 and 150 W should be more than sufficient for domestic use.

Caution! Do not choose too high a light output when purchasing. Otherwise, the amount of light emitted will be so great that it could blind visitors to your garden.

Temperature emitted by the light

As the spotlight allows you to create a specific environment, you can choose it according to the atmosphere you want to create outside your house. Choose the colour of your choice from warm light, neutral light or a recreation of daylight.

You can also choose brands and models that are extra-flat, fixed and adjustable to the type of light you want. Thanks to the wide range of options, you will have no problem finding the ideal projector for you.

Protection class

In addition, it is important to consider the protection rating (IP). With an IP44 rating, it is conceivable that a lighting device will be adequately protected from water splashes and dust, however the choice of an outdoor LED lighting with an IP65 rating or higher is recommended. This type of device will have higher levels of water and dust tightness.

Projector operation

While all projectors generally use the same operating system, some are built with special features. Unlike other projectors, some only light up to indicate the presence of something moving.

To prevent unauthorised visitors from entering your home, these motion sensor lights are very practical. There are also other LED lights with dimmers. These have a remote control that allows you to change the intensity of the light.

Due to technological advances, some lights are equipped with wifi cameras. So you can monitor your garden from anywhere.

Projector model

A spotlight, in terms of its material, colour and shape, is also a thing. It is therefore essential to experiment with aesthetics in addition to finding a device that would light up the garden. So, when choosing your floodlight, you should also consider the material. Choosing a PVC or aluminium light would be an excellent option, as these are both strong materials.

In terms of shape, the square and the rectangle are the two most popular shapes. Finally, you can choose the projector according to the shade you prefer. Choose from white, light and dark shades of grey, or black. These are the most popular projector colours on the market.


Naturally, the manufacturer will play an important role in your decision regarding LED floodlights. An attentive company that supports you throughout your project will undoubtedly be advantageous because of the calibre of their services and customer care! If you are a bit new to this business, I would advise you to check out the many reviews given by other consumers.

Design of the LED spotlight

The final element to consider when buying a projector is, of course, its design. It would be a shame to spend money on LED projectors without considering their attractiveness. In general, it is best to choose models that are plain enough to blend in.

Some manufacturers go so far as to sell outdoor LED floodlights disguised as rocks, flowerpots or water lilies in order to outdo the competition. Alternatively, you can choose models that stand out more as part of your outdoor décor.

LED spotlight

Price of an LED floodlight

The model, number and quality of the product to be installed, the difficulty of the installation and the cost of a professional are all factors that influence the cost of an LED floodlight.

For 10W floodlights with negligible luminous flux, planning should start at 10 euros. With these floodlights it is possible to illuminate small areas. However, the cost can be as high as 400 euros for a floodlight with maximum luminous flux. This means that if you opt for the most expensive one, you can light up a sports field.

FAQ LED projector

LED floodlights offer more advantages, especially in terms of safety and electricity savings. If you have questions For more information on these devices, please see the FAQs below.

My opinion on buying an LED projector

The best product is not always the easiest to recognise. You need to determine relevant selection criteria if you want to help make the best decision. Your needs will determine the criteria you choose, such as the place of installation, the desired brightness, useful versus decorative lighting, etc.

Once the appropriate criteria has been selected, the question "where to buy? Although there are a large number of LED floodlight manufacturers, it is essential to understand how to identify the most trustworthy.

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As you can see, an LED floodlight has become an indispensable asset for improving the appearance of your home's exterior and, above all, for saving energy.


I have been working in the lighting industry for 9 years and my speciality is LED floodlights. Whether it's for indoor or outdoor use, LEDs have nothing but benefits in terms of efficiency and energy consumption. On my website you will find the best LED lighting in all areas.

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