Outdoor LED spotlight with long range motion detector

Used mainly outdoors, in car parks, cellars, motion sensor LED floodlights are useful and necessary to light up a dark place. However, it is quite difficult to make a choice between the many options available. To help you, we have written this specific buying guide.

The best outdoor LED spotlights with long-range motion detector of 2024

Why choose a long-distance motion sensor LED spotlight?

With security becoming ever worse, everyone is looking for an easy way to protect themselves from criminals. Why not opt for a LED floodlight model for outdoor use ? This long-range device is able to detect and react to all movements of a living being or object. The lighting system is activated automatically by the automatic switch.

By opting for this type of lighting, you benefit from other advantages such as :

  • Avoiding sudden accidents in the dark
  • Enjoy a high level of security
  • Controlling the electricity consumption of the house.

How does the motion detector work in practice?

It is a more or less complex unit where several electronic elements work together. In general, it includes a timer, a controller and several active or passive sensors. These components operate by receiving and transmitting ultrasonic, infrared or microwave waves.

Projector model with motion detector

The detector switches on when it perceives a variation in frequency or wavelength in its detection field. The sensor controls the behaviour of the luminaire by increasing or decreasing the light intensity. As the name suggests, the timer indicates the actual lighting time.

Each time a movement is registered, the countdown starts again. The LED lighting then switches from one state to another when the sensor does not detect any presence.

Parameters influencing the operation of the LED motion sensor floodlight

To get the best motion sensor LED spotlight, you need to take into account some parameters:

  • The detection range depends on the location of the projector. The setting is different if it is installed in the attic, in a garden, or on the ceiling.
  • The beam angle should be set according to the area to be covered. For an LED spotlight installed on the front, set it to 180°.
  • The ignition time can be set in seconds or minutes
  • The sensitivity of the sensors ensures that the spotlight is not activated by every animal or tree branch that falls into the field covered by the detector.
  • The twilight setting determines the level and strength of the light at which you want the lighting to be switched on

Different types of motion detectors

LED spotlight with sensor

In this automatic lighting system, the principle is identical. The only difference is that each sensor is characterised by the waves it uses. We have three types of wave emissions for this type of product:

Infrared sensor

 Warm objects and living beings naturally emit visible radiation in the infrared spectrum. However, the intensity of these waves varies according to the body temperature.

 What we need to know is that the PIR cell (Passive InfraRed Sensor), which is part of the infrared sensors, measures and analyses thermal radiation with the help of the elements that move in its detection field. In this way, it is able to detect all moving bodies and automatically triggers an action. The accuracy of the sensor therefore varies depending on the heat source detected.

 Therefore, LED floodlights with a motion detector do not rely on the emission of energy into the environment to activate. Although their accuracy varies, these devices are still the most widely used. In addition, this type of luminaire offers a long range of over 10 metres, low energy consumption and high sensitivity to perceived temperature changes.

Ultrasonic sensors

 This motion detector operates on two elements in particular: the ceramic capsule and the transducer. The first element, which acts as a loudspeaker, continuously emits high frequency sound vibrations (32 kHz to 45 kHz). The transducer, which acts as a microphone, tunes in to the emitted frequency and receives the sound reflected from objects or living beings in its detection area. 

When the sensor receives a sudden change, it automatically triggers the corresponding action. For greater efficiency, motion-sensor floodlights are equipped with a brightness sensor. If the natural light is too weak, the sensor triggers the LED lamps to see more clearly. The characteristics of ultrasonic sensors are: a range of no more than 3 metres, accuracy in detecting foreign objects and bodies. Unfortunately, its active operation consumes more energy.

Microwave sensors

This type of motion detector constantly emits high frequency radio waves. These waves bounce off all surrounding surfaces. Once the emitted wave returns to its starting point, it is analysed for the nature of the presence. Unlike previous sensors, this model is more responsive and selective about what it identifies.

 In terms of these features, it is more reliable than infrared equipment. This device also offers a long range with a detection angle of up to 360°. On the other hand, the microwave sensor consumes a lot of energy like the ultrasonic sensor.

How to choose a motion sensor LED spotlight?

Projector with motion detector

 We have two criteria for choosing the ideal LED motion sensor floodlight model:

The power

 The power of the motion sensor LED spotlight depends entirely on the area we want to illuminate. If you only want to illuminate the terrace, do not choose too much power.

 In fact, most motion-sensing spotlights have a power rating of between 10W and 200W. A 10 W lamp is enough to light up a garden or a driveway to prevent you from tripping. However, a larger area, such as an entire alley, requires more than 20 W.

The colour of the lighting

 The advantage of LED technology is that it offers different light colours. Warm white light provides approximately 2,700 to 4,000 Kelvin. Neutral white lighting is equivalent to 5,500 k. And beyond that, you get a cool white light that tends towards blue.

 If you want to have light that is not too bright and pleasant, choose warm white light. Neutral white is close to natural sunlight. Floodlights designed to deter burglars have a bright or cool white light.

 To vary the colours, there are multi-coloured LED projectors. These models come with a remote control to control the colours according to your wishes. By adopting this model, you can light your terrace in a different way: in green, red or blue.

The advantages of LED lighting with motion detector

Known as intelligent lighting systems, motion-sensing LED floodlights can be installed anywhere. However, they are best installed in places where it is dark or where there is not enough light. Here are the advantages we can draw from them:

Support for your safety

As mentioned above, this equipment works with the help of a presence sensor. The motion sensor floodlight is therefore a device that can be used as an alarm signal. By creating a surprise effect, it can deter any thieves lurking in your property. In addition, this type of light protects you from accidental falls when you pass through a poorly lit area. Their lights help you see more clearly and keep you safe.

Offers twice the savings

When you install a motion detector to your lighting system, you don't risk your lights staying on even when you don't need them. With this feature, you can make significant savings on your monthly energy bill. But for even more savings, choose solar lamps with motion sensors. They last 3 times longer than conventional models.

Comfortable to use

By opting for this outdoor light, you don't need to search for a switch to trigger it. Once the LED lights detect any movement, they automatically turn on for as long as necessary.

Optimised life span

Did you know that LED lamps last 50 times longer than conventional equipment? In fact, a projector with an LED bulb can operate for 50,000 hours without consuming a large amount of energy.

Good to know 

The first thing to consider, before installing an LED floodlight in its place, is to determine the wiring and connection. The cables are usually 3-core and can be embedded in a new construction. If not, consider a detailed plan to hide the wires.

 If you are installing a projector on an extension stand, such as on a flat roof, you only need to integrate cables into the sloping screed. Don't forget to think about the orientation of the light sources. It would be more beneficial to point them downwards, as white light devices cause glare.

 To ensure optimum security in a building, some people use a presence-sensing LED floodlight with a surveillance camera. Completely unnoticeable, this device films all the comings and goings. While illuminating passers-by, you can see in real time everything that happens around the sign. The price of this equipment is variable, but affordable. In fact, you can find several attractively priced models on the DIY website or directly in the shop.


 The sensor LED spotlight is an assembly of electronic elements connected to an electrical network. It is used to highlight any sign (shed, garden, terrace, façade, etc.). Homeowners buy LED floodlights with a long-range motion detector because of its sensitivity to movement and its energy savings. It is a very practical piece of equipment, as it signals us if we are visited. You will feel safe by equipping your house with this type of spotlight. 

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