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Many people are so preoccupied with the interior design of their homes that they neglect the exterior of the house. Yet it is an important part of the property. In order to beautify it, you should know that you have a wide choice of decorative garden and terrace accessories, including various lighting. LED spotlights are one of the most popular ways to enhance the exterior of your home. The best models of the moment are those with high power.

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Powerful outdoor LED spotlight: what exactly is it?

There are several varieties of decorative outdoor lighting offered by specialist manufacturers today. An outdoor LED spotlight is a powerful one. It is a device equipped with LEDs, as the name suggests, and can illuminate a large area.

It has a power of several tens or even hundreds of watts, emits a very intense light and has a beam angle of 120° on average. It can be installed in your garden, across the pathways, by the pool, on the terrace... For various events such as birthday parties in your garden, these are also indispensable accessories. They can also be hung on trees. They are also ideal for lighting football pitches and night shows....

It is available in a variety of colours including warm, cool and neutral white. Thanks to the LED remote control, it is possible to have variations in colour and light intensity. These are especially ideal for livening up various occasions in the house's backyard. The powerful outdoor floodlights come in a number of specific designs. They give off an absolutely intense light.

What are the different wattages of the bright outdoor LED floodlights?

Powerful LED floodlights are available in several varieties with different wattages.

There are the 70 watt models which emit a more or less intense light. They are especially suitable for walkways but can also be installed by the pool.

In addition, there are also 100 watt projectors. This is already a high intensity. They are especially suitable for terraces, lawns, etc.

Powerful outdoor LED spotlight

There are also those of 150 Watts which offer an absolutely important lighting. These and the 200 watt models are ideal for the front of the house. They can even light up the street, if of course your property is on the roadside.

For those who wish to have full coverage in their garden, models up to over 1000 Watts, or around 80,000 lumens, may be very suitable. These are also ideal for professional buildings and car parks.

It should be noted, however, that the location of these types of LED spotlights must be well chosen to avoid obstructing the view of others, especially passers-by and neighbours. Thus, it is imperative to install them at a height of about three metres from the ground. It is also necessary that they are well oriented.

What is the purpose of these lights?

High-powered outdoor LED floodlights not only serve to make the final look of your garden much more interesting, but they are also a system that increases your home security. After all, a brightly lit home keeps away the bad guys. Moreover, when you come home late at night, you will not be in danger of falling into your garden because of the darkness.

In addition, the dazzling light emitted by the floodlights makes your garden much more beautiful to look at. Moreover, it should be noted that powerful LED floodlights can be adapted to any outdoor decorative style.

Also, the LED floodlights can be used to highlight other decorative accessories in your garden. They will not go unnoticed even in the evening. They will look even better with the various colours that the devices emit.

Powerful outdoor LED spotlight

It is also worth noting that powerful lighting on the wall of the house makes it much more attractive. Indeed, the beauty of your home could be seen from afar thanks to powerful LED spotlights. For this reason, it is imperative to have a well-painted wall before installing these kinds of devices.

For professionals such as event organisers and construction workers, these are also indispensable devices.

What are the different types of powerful outdoor LED floodlights?

There are many types of powerful outdoor LED floodlights available on the outdoor lighting accessories market today. They fall into a few specific categories including: spike lights, fixtures and motion sensor models.

The LED spotlights are, as their name indicates, equipped with a support of about fifteen centimetres high, to be pricked on the ground. They are mainly used to light up garden paths, to alert you to any obstacles when you get home in the evening... They are also absolutely effective decorative accessories. They have a power of about 70 to 100 Watts. The brackets are usually made of aluminium so that they can stand up well. In addition, they are designed to meet standards for resistance to moisture and various everyday weather conditions.

Powerful LED garden spotlight

There are also the powerful projectors to be fixed on the wall or on a special stand. They have a power of up to more than a thousand watts. In this case, they illuminate the whole house and not just a certain area of the garden. They are made up of specific fastening elements, usually in aluminium. They have various designs but are generally rectangular and flat. It should be noted that they can also be hung on trees. These accessories will highlight the ripening fruit.

Outdoor LED floodlights with motion detector are trendy lighting models. Many households use them to equip their medium to large properties. They light up when they detect any movement or noise in their surroundings. They are economical because they only turn on when you or others pass by. This is particularly true of models that are powered by electricity.

In addition, by opting for powerful motion-sensing floodlights, you will no longer need to fiddle with any switches to turn the lights on. They are also good security systems for your property because they can warn you of burglars entering your home by switching on automatically.

It should be noted that there are two main varieties of LED motion-sensor floodlights. On the one hand, there are the devices with integrated sensors. In this case, you do not need to buy a sensor. On the other hand, there are the stand-alone sensor projectors. These models can be made up of several LED lamps without exceeding a power of 1000 Watts.

In terms of the way in which projectors are powered, there are three specific technologies. Firstly, there are the devices that operate in a electric which require a power source but are absolutely dazzling. In addition, the following devices should be mentioned with rechargeable battery for those who wish to move their projectors from time to time. Finally, there are the most economical models, which are the solar using the sun's rays to light up for an average of eight hours each night.

What are the main advantages of powerful outdoor LED projectors?

The main advantage of these lights is that they are economical. Even though they emit a considerably bright light, you don't have to worry about increasing your daily energy costs. They are the most energy-efficient outdoor lighting devices of all the varieties on the market.

They can reduce your electricity consumption by up to about 90% if you use them to illuminate the outside of your home. There are even models with voltaic panels that use sunlight to power them up as required. This means that they are powered by completely free energy.

It is also worth noting that by installing two or a few powerful spotlights outside the house, you will not have to put up many other lights. In fact, they will be more than enough to illuminate the entire property, especially if they are properly placed.

Powerful LED parking spotlight

Moreover, if you choose powerful LED floodlights to light your garden, you will not need to replace your outdoor lighting every time. Indeed, these devices are known by all for their absolutely long life. They can work properly for almost 50,000 hours. This is twenty-five times longer than the so-called halogen models.

Also, the powerful LED floodlights, despite the intensity of light they provide, have no negative impact on the environment. They do not contain any toxic substances and do not generate gases or even infrared. They are appliances that can be recycled. So, by choosing these lights for your course, you are contributing to the preservation of the environment.

In addition, these devices are ultra-resistant. In fact, they are generally designed to withstand all kinds of weather. So, whether it's hot or cold, snowing or raining, your projectors will not change their appearance in any way. It should be noted that they have a much higher protection rating than the classic lighting models used to illuminate the outside of the house.

What about the price range of these types of LED floodlights?

High-powered LED floodlights are sold at a variety of prices. There are specialised shops that offer excellent performance at a fairly high price. On the other hand, other shops and online sales sites make available to the general public offers at mini prices. It should also be noted that there may be cases where two powerful outdoor LED floodlights have the same features, but are sold at different prices, due to the fact that they are designed by two different companies.

Powerful floor-standing LED spotlights are priced from 70 to about 1000 euros. Sophisticated models with an intensity of more than 500 Watts are sold for more than 1000 euros.

Powerful LED garden spotlight

Wall and tree lights are available from 50 Euros. However, the most powerful models can cost up to about 800 Euros.

The so-called solar LED floodlights are also sold from 50 Euros. Those with very high power cost several hundred Euros.

Global opinion on powerful outdoor LED floodlights

We say that powerful outdoor LED floodlights are good lighting to enhance your garden, your house and especially your entire property. They can give a better look and a modern touch to the exterior of your home so that it is not unnoticed at night.

We also recommend them if you are planning a party in your garden. If you have a terrace, you can also opt for LED floodlights with intense lighting and a variety of colours.

These devices, combined with other specific outdoor decoration accessories, will make your property look great. And no matter how many lights you get, you won't have to worry about your electricity bill going up, as LED lights are absolutely economical.

They are also ideal for lighting large outdoor construction sites or business premises, as well as pitches for sports events or evening shows.

There is a wide range of powerful LED projectors on the market today. When buying, we advise you to check the quality of the devices. If it is a rechargeable battery model, be sure of the autonomy of the component. We even recommend that you test the projectors before you do anything.

In conclusion, powerful outdoor LED projectors are innovative devices with multiple benefits in addition to enhancing your garden.

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