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Whether it's for precision work or for safety, the provision of light on a construction site is of paramount importance. Regardless of the size and scope of your site, this accessory provides light during night-time operations or when daylight is insufficient. Here are the criteria to take into account in order to choose the right lighting for your site.

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What is the purpose of construction site lighting?

Night-time, underground and indoor construction sites often require additional lighting to carry out the work safely. In principle, the luminaires should facilitate the movement of workers in the field and the proper functioning of each workstation. This reduces the risk of occupational accidents.

What is the purpose of construction site lighting?

Thanks to the powerful light installations, workers will not have to make any false moves. In addition, there is no risk of hitting fixed or moving obstacles. With the many choices of LED construction site floodlightThe supervisor will be able to monitor the entire operation. Generally temporary in nature, these accessories must be easy to dismantle once operations are completed.

What are the standards for lighting a construction site?

Did you know that the French Lighting Association gives numerous recommendations regarding the choice of LED site lights. These recommendations concern all lighting installations for construction sites, in particular those that affect personnel, workstations and the entire site.

The following are some of the regulations relating to the lighting of a construction site:

  • Standards NF C 20-010 and NF C 20-030: classes and degrees of protection for site lighting.
  • Standards NF C 71-008 and CEE NF EN 065982-8: the protection indexes of portable light fittings.
  • The French standard NF C15-100 on low voltage electrical installations.
  • The NFX 35-103 standard on the principle of visual ergonomics.

Possible types of lighting for a construction site

In order to easily light your construction site, it is necessary to refer to the size of the space to be highlighted. There are two categories of lighting for a construction site.

Fixed lighting

The most powerful and widely used lighting is the construction light. It is a device that provides excellent visibility over a large area. The most commonly used models are LED construction lights with a natural lamp. 

You can choose between a stand or telescopic projector. For ease of use, opt for the tripod model. It is easy to store and transport. Stand-mounted projectors can be placed on a wall thanks to the handle that comes with it. To operate, this model uses a cable or a rechargeable battery.

Hand lamps are another form of lighting between the spotlight and the torch. Like the spotlight, some devices are mains operated while others are battery operated. Unlike spotlights, the latter are less powerful, but can illuminate a specific area. Hand lamps are also light, mobile and have several types of attachment: magnets, feet and hooks.  

Professional mobile lighting 

In this category we have different types of lamps. The headlamp versions, also known as front lights, are attached to the workers' helmets. They offer a diffuse or precise red light for more discretion at night. This product is useful when the technician needs both hands to handle something or move around. 

Headlamps are also indispensable in restricted environments such as underground shafts and chambers. Their power provides excellent visibility. Some models can light up to ten metres. The only drawback is that each technician must have his own lamp to ensure his visibility. 

Torches, often underestimated, are an accessory that provides spontaneous and supplementary lighting. With its compact size, it can be easily stored in a pocket and taken out as needed. This equipment is easy to handle and comes in very handy when travelling in dark places.

How to choose the right lighting for the site?

LED construction light

The location of the site

Start by identifying the different areas to be lit, if they are :

  • grey areas
  • spaces and workstations
  • obstacles and hazards on the ground
  • external or internal circulation areas
  • emergency routes and exits
  • evacuation zones

It should be noted that outdoor and indoor site lighting are not the same. For an external construction site, the light is less good at night or during bad weather. For this reason, professionals use waterproof lighting. Indoors, however, the walls reflect the light. Low-powered lighting is more than sufficient to illuminate the entire building to be renovated.

The size of the site

When the area to be illuminated is large, this means that it needs a high level of brightness. To give you an idea of what to expect, a power of 10 to 40 lumens will illuminate a 15 m (50 ft.) footpath, car and staff area.2.

A 40 lumen LED floodlight is suitable for outdoor work areas such as formwork or scaffolding. Finally, a 100 lumen lamp provides brightness for outdoor machine work up to 25 m2.

However, remember to place your light source away from your field of vision to avoid glare.


In the majority of situations, site lights are mains operated. In other words, they must be connected to a power source to perform their functions. If your site does not have a power supply, consider installing a generator.

If you have difficulty in obtaining this often expensive equipment, choose battery-powered construction lights. These models operate autonomously. However, the life of the battery depends entirely on the type of floodlight. The most durable ones can last up to 24 hours.

What types of bulbs should be used to light the site?

Construction projector

We distinguish between two types of bulbs, the older generation "halogen" and the new LED technology. 

Halogen construction light

Halogen bulbs are the traditional type of lighting. Unlike the new models, they are less efficient and have a short life. These lamps are rather vulnerable. And they consume a lot of energy. This is why professionals prefer LED technologies.

LED construction light

LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs have a long life. With a good luminous flux, the LED is a directional and powerful light. You don't have to worry about them because they don't heat up and operate at low voltage. As with most lighting using LED technology, this device is also very economical. Whatever the surface or location, this light source remains uniform and optimal in all circumstances.

What is the price of site lighting?

This depends on the type of light you choose. For a budget of 20 euros, you will get a construction torch or hand lamp with basic functions. This type of equipment is suitable for a DIY workshop. However, a high-end model can cost between 50 and 100 euros.

For a larger site, opt for professional site lights. This equipment costs between 30 and 200 euros, regardless of its characteristics: rechargeable, stand, tripod, wired, etc.

For the purchase of a mobile light tower, an average purse of 200 euros is required. However, the most expensive option is the construction light balloons, which have a specific configuration and high performance. Set aside between 500 and 2000 euros to obtain this type of lighting.


To conclude, the construction site lighting is an obligatory element to have a visual comfort, especially during the night. But to finish a construction site in time, it is better to choose a projector according to your needs and to the typology of the construction site. Projectors with an LED bulb are also particularly essential to avoid poor lighting on grey days. Whatever the nature of your work, lighting guarantees the safety of the workers and the quality of the finish. We hope that this article will help you to choose the right spotlight for your project and to get the best possible lighting.

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