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To properly illuminate your construction and renovation site, choose Lidl LED floodlights. But why? Whether it's day or night, this accessory offers efficient and optimal lighting. But if you don't know which model to choose, this shop sells some very interesting items in their current catalogues. These numerous products are perfectly suited to your expectations and budget. Find out in this article why users choose a Lidl LED floodlight.

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Why the Lidl LED floodlight?

The LED spotlight is the perfect accessory for the DIY enthusiast, tradesman or garage owner, and is characterised by its low energy consumption. The lamps it contains do not need a powerful battery to light up. This makes it the LED floodlight model for construction sites the most appropriate.

In addition to this ecological and economical aspect, the spotlight at Lidl is also very light despite its compact design. Moreover, this type of light has a magnetic surface to illuminate a specific work area without immobilising one of your hands. So you can place it safely against a metal support.

Other advantages of a Lidl LED site light

Lidl's LED construction site spotlight

The advantages of construction site floodlights are numerous. They offer increased autonomy, optimised mobility, energy savings and powerful lighting.

The LED projector for working independently

Easy to handle, the majority of construction site floodlights are powered by a lead or lithium battery. Its autonomy depends on the model chosen and whether it is used permanently or occasionally. What is certain is that some batteries can operate for up to 12 hours while others are limited to 5 hours of autonomy. Moreover, most of these devices are rechargeable. In this case, it is necessary to have a source of electricity near the workplace.

A great ability to adapt

Lidl's portable projectors are mobile, which means you can take it anywhere you go. In addition, this accessory offers great flexibility by adapting to all working conditions. Thanks to its easy orientation, you can have the light you want. With a telescopic pole, the construction light offers several possibilities for adjustment depending on the height of the light. The cordless models, on the other hand, have different levels of light intensity.

Perfect and economical light output

Professionals in the construction, automotive and DIY industries recognise the usefulness and importance of the LED floodlight. This equipment does indeed project a powerful light, but it is also resistant to shocks and bad weather. It can last up to 50,000 hours, whereas a halogen bulb lasts only 3,000 hours. Despite its high illumination, the LED projector bulb consumes very little energy.

Three most common types of LED floodlights

Construction light with wire

Wired models of LED floodlights are very practical on a construction site. Once they are securely fixed to a stand, there is no risk of them falling over in case of strong vibrations on the site. However, they require a mains connection to operate. This option is not always available in the field. You should therefore consider buying a generator to power it.

Wireless construction light

Wireless LED floodlights, as the name suggests, are portable, lightweight and compact. They offer more freedom of movement and can be carried anywhere in the workplace. It is in fact a construction light with a rechargeable battery. In addition, the latest generation of wireless spotlights offer a wide range of colours and ensure optimum lighting quality.

LED motion sensor spotlight

The motion detector floodlight is characterised by a sensor that activates the light as soon as it detects a physical presence in the vicinity of the site. The motion detection is done by infrared, radar or a surveillance camera that starts automatically. This equipment is very popular because it helps to reduce energy consumption.

Characteristics of the construction site lights at Lidl

One of the special features of Lidl's LED floodlights is their durability. Designed for outdoor use, all the devices sold by Lidl have been manufactured to withstand extreme conditions of use (snow, humidity, wind, etc.).

LED spotlight model at Lidl

In addition, here are some other distinguishing points that determine the quality of the projectors sold at Lidl:

  • brightness adjustment options
  • can be connected to another device
  • the base can be easily folded and tilted
  • plug load: 2500 watts
  • outdoor use
  • light output in LED mode: 4700 lm
  • light output with lamp: 4500 lm
  • 3-year guarantee

Solar floodlights with LED lamps for the construction site

Solar LED floodlights are an ideal solution for lighting your construction site in an economical way. Simple and quick to install, this type of light provides very powerful and autonomous lighting.

How does this solar device work?

To operate, this accessory is powered by the solar panel which in turn generates electricity. The lithium battery stores the electricity and powers the solar LED light at night. By opting for this new technology, you equip your construction site with an excellent, economical, ecological, autonomous LED floodlight that does not add to your monthly electricity bill.

Features of a solar LED floodlight

Like most LED lights, the solar LED floodlights are equipped with a remote control offering the following possibilities:

  • easy on/off of the projector
  • reduction of light to have a large autonomy
  • programming of the lighting, thanks to the twilight sensor
  • selection of the ignition time

Apart from that, the performance of a solar LED floodlight is also defined by the following criteria:

  • its luminous flux in lumens (lm) characterising the amount of light emitted by the LED projector
  • its power in watts (W) indicating the actual consumption of the lamp
  • its lighting angle, which depends on the surface to be lit
  • its lighting colour, which is often available in three versions: cool white, warm white and neutral white
  • its colour rendering index or CRI which defines the ability of the lighting to render colours faithfully.

How to maintain an LED spotlight?

Lidl LED spotlight

To ensure the longevity of your projector, consider taking it apart once a year and giving it a facelift. Wipe the glass, repaint the shell and the handle and clean any embedded dirt. 

What we think of the LED construction light ?

The LED projector is a product that can be found in shops. However, it is more advantageous to buy this equipment in a specialised shop, as you can test it and get appropriate advice from the salesperson.

However, this option is also available on sites such as Amazon or Lidl. These retailers have a large and detailed catalogue of LED site lights that offer good value for money.

Thanks to comparative tests, these platforms provide a precise description of each item you are interested in. Finally, they also offer you a guarantee and the possibility of delivery as soon as possible.


To ensure the safety of your workers, the exterior of your construction site must be well lit. As you can see, Lidl's LED site lights have several invaluable advantages. To choose the right one, think about its power, resistance, safety, protection index and other important criteria. This way, you get the right LED floodlight to light up your entire construction site.

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